No fancy malls or boutiques on Flores. It doesn't have the huge collections of woodcarvings or paintings like on Bali. Still there are some nice things to take home.


  • Ikat cloth
    Ikat is a weaving technique which is used on several islands in Indonesia. Especially the islands of NTT are famous for their ikat, including Flores. Every regency has it's own pattern. Ende, Maumere and Labuan Bajo have some ikat shops. Also for sale on the markets. You also can buy directly from the weaving village like Watublapi or Bena.
  • Flores Arabica coffee (Bajawa and Ruteng)
  • Cocomama products 
    Sunblock SPF 30+, lipbalm and a multi purpose natural oil all based on coconut oil and without additives. Available in supermarkets in Labuan Bajo. Beautiful and sustainable products for you beloved ones back at home.
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  • Moke (arrack) *
    The local ginlike spirit is a way of life on Flores and part of the adat (tradition). It is best to drink it pure or mixed with lime and honey or with orange juice. Maybe you would like to take a bottle to your home country (in your suitcase! and well packed). The best moke is sold in Larantuka and comes from Adonara. On your tour through Flores you can also buy moke in Aimere, Mbay or Labuan Bajo.
  • Blue stones
    Near Nangapanda in Ende regency are some stretches of beach with blue/turquoise stones. The demand is high enough to make it an export product for Bali, but also for other countries in Asia like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. You can also collect a few yourself on the beach. At home they are at best kept in water in a glass vase to enjoy the bright colours.
  • Photo's
    You will return home with lots of MB's to keep your memory of Flores alive.
  • A no go
    Coral and (big) shells, even found on the beach are not allowed to take out of the country. Keep in mind that the securitycheck in Labuan Bajo is keen on that.

* To clear misunderstandings about moke (arrack).

The last few years the consumption and processing of arrack is frequently in the headlines. People have died after the consumption of arrack on Bali, Jawa and Sumatera (including tourists). In my opinion moke on Flores is safe to drink and besides that also a delight to drink. It is pure without additions. Keep in mind that moke on Flores is part of the tradition and always a good suggestion to make friends.

However, there are differences in taste and quality. Moke from Larantuka (actually from Adonara), Aimere and Boba is much appreciated. The one I bought near Labuan Bajo in October 2016 didn't taste good but in earlier years it was ok. There are four types, the original one with 6% alcohol, then three other ones with 20%, 40% (bm=bakar nyala) and 50% (super bm) alcohol. The 40% is nice to mix with orange juice, or on the rocks with lemon and honey. (the so-called arrack attack)

No need to worry about moke on Flores. Enjoy.

A local recipe of an arrack cocktail:

- moke (arrack)

- lemon juice

- Sprite

- basil leaves (kemangi)

- salt ...

No ratio, just mix as you prefer. Cheers!