FAQ'S                                   PRACTICAL AND VARIOUS



  • Should I buy Indonesian Rupiah in advance?

Please don’t do that. The Indonesian Rupiah has a poor rate abroad. (except maybe in some ASEAN countries)


  • Are there atm’s on Flores?

Yes there are. The most atm's are in Ende. But also in Labuan Bajo, Ruteng and Maumere and in smaller towns like Larantuka, Bajawa, Mbay, Reo, Riung, Borong and even in Moni. The most common banks are:





  • Can I pay in US dollars or euro’s in hotels and restaurants?

Generally not, except maybe in some big hotels and restaurants in Labuan Bajo.


  • Can I pay with creditcard in hotels and restaurants?

Generally not, except maybe some big hotels and restaurants mainly in Labuan Bajo.


  • Is Wifi available all over the island?

In most hotels on Flores and bigger restaurants in Labuan Bajo WiFi may be available but the connection is not always good and fails every now and then.


  • Should I buy a local simcard?

If you want to stay connected to the internet this is a good idea.
There are tourist simcards (preferably Simpati of Telkomsel) available valid for 90 days and sold in official Telkomsel stores. Normal simcards probably don't work as you handphone needs to be registered. You can top up with credits or data (Rp 100.000 should be enough for a stay in Indonesia up to one month). Simcards are available anywhere but registration is needed at a GraPARI customer point. https://www.telkomsel.com/en/find-us


  • Is Ramadan a problem to travel to Flores?

Ramadan (the fasting month of muslims) on Flores is not the same like in the western part of Indonesia. Most restaurants are open and you won’t come across any feel of inconvenience while traveling. Ramadan in 2024 is from 10 March to 9 April followed by Idul Fitri and holidays.


  • What should I wear on Flores?

There are no real restrictions and in particular in Labuan Bajo, Bajawa and Moni residents are used to western people in short pants and tanktops. However, Flores is a religious island with both muslims and catholics, so keep it properly.
Also don't forget to bring one or two sweaters as evenings in the mountains eg in Moni, Bajawa and Ruteng can be chilly.