5 October 2022
Rinca island reopened again

Following a decree of the government on 30 September Rinca island is reopened again on 1 October 2022.
The decree contains a long list of do's and don't plus maximum numbers for both visitors to the various islands and boats, divingspots etc.
See the image below.

Revisi I Protokol Kunjungan TNK 2022 30
Adobe Acrobat Document 434.0 KB

24 March 2022
No quarantine anymore from 23 March 2022


Starting 23 March quarantine has been lifted for all travelers from abroad when fully vaccinated. In brief:


  • Negative PCR test max 48 hours before departure
  • Travelers wit B211 visa or VOA (still Bali only; see below) must be fully vaccinated
  •  PCR test on arrival at the airport
  • Transportation to booked accomodation (1 night)
  • Wait for the result in accomodation
  • When the result is negative you are free to go anywhere

For entrypoints see below.

Taskforce Covid-19 Indonesia (bahasa Indonesia only) 

7 July 2021
Restrictions for foreign travelers more tight

From 6 July it is hardly possible to enter the country as rules have become more strict. Only people with KITAS/KITAP, those with diplomatic visas or healthworkers (with invitation) and Indonesians can enter the country. No more businessvisa.

30 December 2020

Indonesia closed 1 to 14 January 2021

Although Indonesia was already closed since early April 2020 many people still managed to get in the country. Due to the new variants of Covid-19 Indonesia has decided to close its borders more strict from 1 to 14 January 2021 except for Indonesians, holders of KITAS/KITAP and government officials.

20 August 2020

Indonesia will stay closed untill the end of 2020


Since June there were a lot of articles, rumors, speculations, wishes and thoughts to reopen Bali (and therefore Indonesiafor international tourists on 11th September but  unfortunately this is not going to happen. In fact nothing has changed since the announcement on 2nd April. 

Read here the article on the Bali Plus website

21 July 2020

Kelimutu and new normal

prebookings only


Since July 2020 visits to Kelimutu National Park need to be registered as the maximum amount of visitors is 200 per day.

The amount of visitors can be checked through Facebook, Twitter or the Kelimutu website (see picture below).


To make a reservation you can book through WhatsApp tel. +62 82110103335

3 July 2020

Komodo not yet open-Kelimutu opened but closed again


The news that all tourist spots reopened again was to good to be true :-(

There is a new date for Komodo NP which is 6 July and after a visitordisaster last Sunday for Kelimutu (too many visitors) they closed the park again until further notice.

I think it will last quite a while before everything really is back to normal again.

27 June 2020

Good news! All tourist spots on Flores have reopened again


However at the moment only local people and all those die hards who have stayed  in Indonesia since the outbreak in March can enjoy Flores.

All other travelers from abroad still have to be patient untill Indonesia reopens her borders. A lot of rumours about the month/date of reopening. As soon this is clear I will let you know.

When traveling you probably will need to present a negative Covid-test.

19 June 2020

Corona Figures for Indonesia


42.762 (2339 fatalities)

Figures for NTT (=Nusa Tenggara Timur which includes its biggests islands of Adonara, Alor, Flores, Lembata, Pantar, Rote, Sawu, Solor, Sumba, and Timor108

The ratio for NTT is 20 per million inhabitants which is one of the lowest in the world.


Despite all kinds of rumors in the media about the reopening of Indonesia which vary from July up and untill the end of the year I strongly advise to check reliable and official websites only.

Immigration of Indonesia

or at the embassy of your home country.

The website of is a good source as well

But, please keep in mind that there still can be local regulations. At this moment overland traveling on Flores is only possible with a letter of permit from the government for each district separately.

13 May 2020

Update Flores


Correct information is hard to find, some reports are incorrect or outdated within hours. The cases on Flores vary from 3 to 14, which is still very few. There are a lot of rumours to reopen the country again but untill this is not officially announced we still cannot plan anything.

I hope we will know some more around mid June. I also hope travelers will come to Flores again as Flores needs every support to get back on its feet again. The situation is getting grim.

3 May 2020

Update Flores


NTT (=Nusa Tenggara Timor) has now 10 official cases of Corona. It is not clear how many of them on Flores, some talk of 2 and some of 3. Exact figures are difficult to find and whether they are correct as Indonesia has a quite complicated and vague system. But, if the figures are correct then this is still a low one.

Restrictions on Flores become more and more serious. In the meantime all districts have locked down and it is difficult to get from one district to another. Some authorities only let people through with an official letter from the government, trucks with fresh fish on board are sent away back to where they came from...

25 April 2020

Update Flores


In the meantime Indonesia has decided to stop all air- (and sea) travel.

Flores is still Coronafree, but with a lot of checkpoints and complicated travel.

5 April 2020

Update Indonesia


Travel to Indonesia: travelrestrictions have been changed a couple of times. Check on the homepage what is the current update.

30 March 2020

Update Flores


At the moment I am in Labuan Bajo on Flores and will try to give you an idea of the situation here.

First of all: Untill now there are no positiv tested persons on Flores. That's the good news.

Facilities on Flores are very limited which is a serious concern. However like anywhere else in the world people are asked to pay attention on things like washing hands, keeping distance etc. Schools are closed untill 21st April. Events, church services are forbidden.


Tourist objects closed untill 25th May

Like in other parts of Indonesia all national parks are closed so is Komodo National park, Kelimutu National Park and Riung Marine Park 17 islands. Besides that also the traditional villages, waterfalls etc. can’t be visited. For how long is not clear as this varies from a couple of weeks up and untill the end of May.


Ferry ASDP Labuan Bajo to Sape (Sumbawa) closed

The route was closed between 26th March and 3rd April



Many kabupaten (districts, on Flores there are 8) have their own restrictions. Borders between the districts are checked by police, soldiers and/or health authorities. There are bodytemperature checks and at some borders cars and passengers are sprayed with desinfectant.

Hotels in/near Bajawa, Riung, Mbay and Larantuka are closed for guests.

Guests who want to overnight in Moni, Ende and Maumere are send to a hospital or health centre for an obliged health check.


The result

Another thing is that some local people are very suspicious about foreigners, everyone who is not a part of their own community. This can lead to uncomfortable situations.

As the closure of schools have been extended untill the 21st April I suppose other restrictions (health checks, hotels etc) may last untill this date as well.

At the moment I am in Labuan Bajo (since 24th March, mainly to avoid undesired situations elsewhere on the island) and there are very very few tourists. There is low activity, Jalan Soekarno Hatta is more or less empty, some hotels and guesthouses have closed, also many eateries have shut down.

Information is difficult to gather. I am searching local newspapers and official sources everyday. And I am in contact with local people (also who are working in the tourism industry). Not so easy as there is a lot of hoax around.

For the few travelers who are already in the country like on Bali or Jawa I would advise tio think twice to come as for the moment it is not getting better. And if you come the best option is Labuan Bajo.

Although still no COVID19 cases on Flores the situation is not really comfortable plus you can't visit touristobjects.


I will try to update as much as possible.

Be safe everyone!

21 March 2020

Update Indonesia


The situation with the Corona virus has disrupted daily life as also the travel world.


Since Friday 20th March it will be almost impossible for foreign travelers to travel to Indonesia as free stamps and VOA are not available anymore at the airport for a period of 30 days (which can be extended). Foreign travelers only can travel with a visa which has to be applied via the embassy with a clear purpose of your journey and together with a health declaration from the authorities in your country.


I don’t need to explain this is a disaster for the tourism worlwide including Indonesia and in particulair Flores as this is one of the poorest islands of the country.

I still hope you will visit Flores in better times, maybe within the near future or later this year.


Here below a few collected links with usefull information.

The link below is from the Indonesian Government of Health

Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia

and another one below is from which seems reliable to me and the corona virus


IATA travel restrictions by country including Indonesia

Information via telephonecalls: The COVID-19 hotline

Tel +62215210411 (landline) +6281212123119 (mobile, WhatsApp)


Please stay safe and healthy.

regards Anne

 2 March 2020

Corona has reached Indonesia...


first cases of Corona in Indonesia

29 February 2020

Corona is everywhere in the world but what about Indonesia?


In the meantime I suppose the whole world knows what's going on.

It is hard to find correct information about the situation in Indonesia.

There are dozens of articles on the internet but not sure if all of them can be qualified as correct.


Therefore best to check the WHO (World Health Organization)


They also have a subtopic with traveladvices


Maybe some additional info via unoffical Wikipedia

Wikipedia corona virus outbreak


The one below also seems reliable.

ASEAN briefing updates


Voor Nederlandse lezers van het Ministerie: Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid
en Milieu


I will travel to Indonesia (Bali and Flores) in the second half of March and wil try to report my own experiences.

30 January 2020


Calender Events Flores Timur 2020

30 September 2019


Komodo island will remain open for tourists in 2020


After a year of rumours and also an official decision to close komodo island in January 2020 the Indonesian Government has decided to postpone their plans and Komodo island will remain open for tourists.  

17 August 2019


Lonely Planet Bali, Lombok & Nusa Tenggara
(July 2019,  including 25 pages Flores)


Lonely Planet has released a new book: "Bali, Lombok & Nusa Tenggara"

Flores belongs to Nusa Tenggara. However from the 480 pages of the whole book only 25 are reserved for Flores...

A lot of information is still missing and the eastern part of Flores, eg east of Maumere to Larantuka does not exist. To be correct, Nusa Tenggara is the name of the islands the islands east of Bali starting with Lombok and up and untill the island of Alor.

Lombok belongs to Tenggara Barat (the western part of Nusa Tenggara) and Flores to Nusa Tenggara Timor (the eastern part of Nusa Tenggara) 

You can buy the pdf Nusa Tenggara chapter (63 pages which is including Flores) for € 3,50

28 July 2019


Komodo island to be closed in 2020


After months of rumours, headlines in local papers now it seems to be official:

Komodo island will be closed in 2020!

Here below two reliable links of tje Jakarta Post and Reuters


Be aware:

Only Komodo Island will be closed, NOT the whole Komodo National Park

Islands including Rinca, Padar, can still be visited. So you can still see komodo dragons in their own habitat. 

29 March 2019


Aldo from Flores has won The Voice of Indonesia


On Thursday March 28th Aldo has won The Voice of Indonesia.

Aldo, the Flores winner of The Voice of Indonesia


The first time I´ve heard him singing was about a year ago in Dito´s Café in Bajawa and I was touched by his beautiful voice. The Voice of Indonesia 2018/2019 was a great opportunity for him. Aldo is from Naga, a traditional village south of Bajawa.

`Congrats Aldo. I am proud of you. Good luck with your career and may this also put Flores more on the touristic map, especially the interior of th island`

 26 January 2019


No free check in luggage anymore with Lion Air and Wings Air


Starting on 22 January Lion Air and Wings no longer offer free check in luggage. Prices for checked in luggage depend on the route.

When buying your ticket you can ad luggage with the amounts of 5 kgs up and untill 30 kgs.

Example: Denpasar to Ende (according to

  • 5 kgs   Rp 102.000
  • 10 kgs  Rp 204.000
  • 15 kgs  Rp 306.000
  • 20 kgs Rp 408.000
  • 25 kgs Rp 510.000

Paying for the extra luggage on the airport is (much) more expensive.

The cabinluggage should not weigh no more than 7 kgs. Different than before now they are weighing all luggage.

27 January 2019


Pasar Kuliner in Labuan Bajo has moved back again to the original place


Since the end of December the Pasar Kuliner in Labuan Bajo has moved back again to the original place on Jalan Soekarno Hatta in Ujung (the northern part of Labuan Bajo). Unfortunately they have a prepaid ticket system with vouchers of several amounts starting at Rp 10.000 up and untill Rp 100.000.

7 October 2018


Citlink (daughter Garuda) opens route to Labuan Bajo


Starting 29th October Citlink opens the route Jakarta Soekarno Hatta to Labuan Bajo. Departure 12:00 noon, arrival 15:20 pm. Prices of flights start with Rp 890..000 so very competive with Garuda and Batik Air which are far more expensive. 

14 August 2018


Gurusina, traditional village in Ngada burned down


On Monday 13th Augustus most of the traditional village of Gurusina (near Bajawa) burned down. According to the latest news only 6 houses have been saved. As far as I know no personal accidents. A double disaster for the villagers as (low key) tourism was a part of the income of the community.


Gurusina is one of the three populair traditional villages close toe ach other. The other ones are Bena (the most famous one, once UNESCO nominated) and Tololela.


I hope travelers will take some time to pay a visit to Gurusina for a small donation so that they can rebuild there homes again.


16 June 2018


No more blacklist for Indonesian carriers


"All Indonesian carriers have been removed from the European Commission's airline blacklist, more than a decade after a blanket ban on the Asian state."

Read further in Dutch

So travelers can use carriers like Sriwijaya, NAM Air, Transnusa and Wings with confidence, And of course Garuda and Batik Air also.

For flights to/from Denpasar - Labuan Bajo and Denpasar - Maumere NAM Air is a good alternative as planes are bigger and faster.


9 June 2018


Suggested trips (which can be downloaded/pdf)


In the sector "planning" I have added 9 trips in pdf file which can be downloaded. However these are just examples. You can contact me for tailored trips via email or Whats App. The trips which include Wae Rebo are still in progress as last month I have found some alternative roads for Wae Rebo. I will add them before the end of June. Please be patient.

22 May 2018


Transnusa reduces luggage allowance 15 kgs > 10 kgs


Carrier Transnusa which operates on Flores has reduces her luggage allowance from 15 kgs to 10 kgs since 14 May 2018. Be prepared for additional costs.

7 May 2018


Labuan Bajo and the projects that never end


As for a result of increasing tourism Labuan Bajo is in a state of many projects already for some years.

The Pasar Kuliner has moved temporarily a few hundreds of meters inland. At the moment a big hotel is being built in the harbour area and finally they are building a real sidewalk from Ujung all along the Jalan Soekarno Hatta.

And beside that many new places are being built like hotels and restaurants. So the town is one big construction site at the moment where safety is'nt always guaranteed.

Be carefull!

11 March 2018


Plastic not so fantastic


Indonesia is after China the number 2 in the world when it comes to plastic pollution of the surrounding seas. It has the attention of the government but sometimes you have to show the world the real impact. This video went around the world.

British diver films the worrying situation of the rubbish in the seas near Bali

longer and more informing version  

Although this video is made on Bali, the whole country and many tourist destinations like Bunaken near Manado (also Manado itself) suffers from plastic pollution. Also on Flores the seas are polluted, however not as heavy as in some other parts, except for the seas and beaches around Labuan Bajo which are the worst of the island. The following article is zooming in on islands east from Bali including Lombok, Moyo and islands of Komodo National Park.

Oceanic Society alarms


See also stories

4 February 2018


Foreign tourists (also) obliged to register prepaid simcards


If you want to communicate with your relatives via sms or you want a 24 hour acces to the internet buying an Indonesian simcard is by far the best/cheapest way. These simcards for Rp 10.000 only can be buyed almost at every corner of the street.

However, due to a new regulation starting on October 2017, all prepaid simcards with indonesian telephonenumbers have to be registered. Also for foreigners, also for tourists!

Registration for tourists can only be done in person and with passport.

3 February 2018


New schedule Garuda

Amsterdam - Jakarta/good connection with Labuan Bajo


Garuda Indonesia has changed the schedule from Amsterdam to Jakarta during European summertime (25 March-27 October). Old schedule departure 15:45/16:45 Amsterdam, arrival Jakarta 11:40 (next day). New schedule 11:05/12:05 Amsterdam, arrival Jakarta 06:50 (next day).

This means that with the new schedule (only during European summertime) the flight Amsterdam - Labuan Bajo via Jakarta has a good connection (departure Labuan Bajo 10:50) and therefore from the Netherlands Flores can be reached in less than 24 hours (=next day).

19 January 2018


Batik Air with new route Jakarta - Labuan Bajo vv


Departure from Jakarta is at 10:10 which is not convenient for travelers who arrive with international flights.  The flight back Labuan Bajo - Jakarta dep 14:30 arr 16:00 is better and offers a chance to connect with your international flight.

Batik Air is a reliable carrier and offers a competitive prices comparing with Garuda.

24 June 2017


Warning mosquito born disease


At the moment on Flores the Cikungunya virus is active. The virus, locally known as malaria variety (which is not) is spread by mosquitos. There is no preventiondrug. Symptons resemble those of malaria (high fever, headaches, joint pain)

Read further: (Nederlands)



-airco on hotelrooms (except for Bajawa, Moni and Ruteng)

-mosquitospray (Hit One Push, locally available)

-mosquito lotion (Sofell, locally available)

-light coloured clothes (long sleeves, long pants)

-no perfume 

-if possible tea made from papaya leaves (bitter) and/or bitter vegetables

13 November 2016


With Pelni to Komodo NP


Pelni offers a 4 day trip to Komodo NP on one of the Pelniships Tilong Kabila. The trip is from 1-4 December.


The website is not very clear about other dates/departures in the future.

8 October 2016


Garuda has started direct flights from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo


Dep 10:35 am (Jakarta time) - Arr 14:00 (Flores time).


For travelers who want to fly direct to Flores this is still not convenient as most international flights arrive later on the day so you have to overnight in Jakarta. The alternative is an international flight to Denpasar, overnight near the airport and continue the following day.