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    Mark & family (Monday, 28 November 2022 21:17)

    Every country/island/region should be so lucky as to have someone like Anne Mieke, putting travelers in touch with local guides and drivers, answering questions and giving information.

    We're so grateful for Anne Mieke's help organizing a driver for our trip to Wae Rebo with the limited time we had, and answering any question that arose, both before and after the trip. We were so happy we were able to see a small part of the island, and can't wait to return some day to see more.

    Thank you, Anne Mieke!

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    Salina (Friday, 02 September 2022 17:00)

    Wij hebben zojuist onze reis door Flores afgerond. Ik had werkelijk geen idee hoe we dat allemaal moesten regelen maar gelukkig kwam ik op deze site terecht. Anne Mieke heeft ons er regelmatig doorheen 'gereden' als een gids op afstand, of het voor haar nu dag of nacht was. Wel met een fysiek aanwezige chauffeur natuurlijk die zij geregeld had. Een geweldige, lieve en geduldige chauffeur. Gelukkig had ik de tickets nog niet allemaal geboekt want dan had ik waarschijnlijk nog geen 10% gezien van wat ik nu heb gezien. Anne Mieke heeft een perfecte trip voor ons uitgestippeld, naar onze wensen geluisterd, en we vielen van het ene adembenemende stuk van Flores in het andere. Dit had ik zonder hulp echt niet voor elkaar gekregen. Alles was compleet en perfect. En we hebben uiteindelijk veel minder betaald dan ik had verwacht dankzij de tussenkomst van Anne Mieke. Zij regelt dit allemaal gratis overigens. Alles gaat direct naar de lokale bevolking omdat ik heb begrepen dat haar hart op dit eiland ligt. Nu ik Flores heb gezien snap ik het nog ook. Wij hebben veel gereisd maar dit is het meest mooie, bijzondere, adembenemende eiland dat ik ooit heb gezien. Dank je Anne Mieke, zonder jou hadden wij nooit zo'n mooie, complete reis mogen beleven en zeker niet op zo'n soepele manier.
    Tip voor reizigers: boek de vluchten naar/op/van Flores niet voordat je trip is uitgestippeld want dan mis je meer dan de helft.

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    Lucas (Friday, 02 September 2022 14:23)

    Very comprehensive and up to date info of the island. We did a two weeks trip by scooter around the island (very recommended) and this blog was incredibly useful (the best source by far). Also, we asked Anne a question and she was very kind. Great job Anne, thanks for your hard work :)

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    Donno (Wednesday, 15 June 2022 20:34)

    do you know or even you have been to Pulau Komba ? Thanks... great website, I'm Indonesian but i can"t build the website as you do . Salute

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    Christian, Vienna (Sunday, 24 January 2021 14:17)

    Die Homepage ist eine Wucht! Würde mir mehr solche Informationsseiten wünschen. Auch hilft Anne Mieke persönlich gerne weiter und ist offen für alle Fragen. Vielen Dank und alles Gute!

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    Gabriel (Tuesday, 29 September 2020 18:51)


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    Mery (Tuesday, 28 January 2020 10:45)

    Anne was amazing and SUPER helpful! She helped us to find a local drive, Jack who is super reliable, friendly, polite and very helpful! Jack was so flexible and drives very carefully. We went to 10 days trip from Maumere- Labuanbajo with Jack. Anne designed several itineraries for us as option( due to rainy season ). We followed Anne's itinerary and consulting this everyday with Jack if it is possible due to the current weather. The trip was AMAZING! Thank you so much Anne for helping us and more important Anne helps the local Flores people. She doesn't get any cents from the trip she designed for us. Such a warm heart!! Tips for traveller, pls bring some clothes or toys (if possible no plastic) if you have some places in your luggage. the local people was so happy to receive this small gifts. Also for such long trips, ask the driver in advance to buy a water in a gallon as well as the water pump for the gallon. We brought our own bottles and refill this. With this, you helped Flores to avoid the plastic bottles and reduce rubbish. We hope that Flores will become rubbish free island one day. Flores is just BEAUTIFUL and amazing!!! Thank you again ANNE and JACK for your help. We had such an amazing trip thanks to your help!

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    Richard (Friday, 24 January 2020 21:41)

    Anne was a wonderful source of information for our recent trip to Flores - found us a driver directly and gave us suggestions for where to see and stay that we would not have found by ourselves. There is a lot more to Flores than what you can see in the guidebooks. Thank you!

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    Driss Amri (Tuesday, 14 January 2020 11:05)

    Last year in October we decided last minute to go to Flores. After finding this site Anne Mieke was SUPER helpful and we jumped on a quick call to make a basic itinerary and got us in contact with driver Jack.

    We only had 5 days to spend to get from Maumere to Labuan Bajo before our diving trip started. Jack was fabulous! He is a kind, sweet man and also are careful driver. The roads can be long and lots of turns but we didn’t get car sick at all and he was very safe.

    We got to see quite a few highlights and amazing scenery along the way. For us 5 days in the end was a bit too short, since the you need to cover quite a bit it distance, so we’ll definitely go back and take a slower pace somewhere in the future.

    We can’t thank Anne Mieke and Jack enough for helping us explore Flores beauty! Definitely contact them if you are looking to go to Flores.

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    Niels (Thursday, 24 October 2019 10:53)

    Anne Mieke heeft ons fantastisch geholpen met de 5daagse trip van maumere naar labuanbajo. Door omstandigheden hebben wij onze voorziene trip naar Borneo moeten wijzigen en besloten last minute naar Bali, Lombok, Flores te gaan. Op Flores hadden wij totaal een week waarvan 5 dagen van oost naar west, maar wij hadden ons door de plotse wijziging geen tijd gehad om ons te verdiepen in het eiland Flores.

    Anne Mieke heeft voor ons een compleet reisschema verzorgd inclusief chauffeur (Inno, die ook geweldig was). Hoewel wij graag op eigen gelegenheid reizen waren wij achteraf erg blij met onze chauffeur. De reistijden zijn vrij lang en in 5 dagen langs alle highlights kost behoorlijk wat tijd en energie. Het was mij nooit gelukt als ik dat elke dag zelf zou moeten uitvogelen tegen redelijke prijzen. Bovendien heeft Anne Mieke op ons plekken gewezen die wij op eigen gelegenheid nooit hadden gevonden. Ze heeft werkelijk onze trip onovertroffen gemaakt!

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    William (Tuesday, 22 October 2019 02:33)

    Anne Mieke, we willen je graag bedanken voor de trip die je voor ons hebt uitgestippeld

    Voor de lezers: Ik was geen voorstander om te reizen met chauffeur, graag doen we alles op eigen gelegenheid. Maar in dit geval heb ik er geen spijt van gehad, dat ik gebruik heb gemaakt van Anne Mieke haar kennis. We hebben een zesdaagse reis gemaakt van Labuhanbajo naar Maumere, via Ruteng, Bajawa, Riung naar Moni, het laatste stukje hebben we op eigen gelegenheid gedaan. De chauffeur Roby heeft ons veilig alle hoogtepunten laten zien. Tijdens deze reis hebben we ook de 17 islands bezocht wat zeker de moeite waard is als je van snorkelen houd. Ook de traditionele dorpen en de Liang Bua cave waren zeker de moeite waard. Het voordeel van de chauffeur is, dat hij hij je rechtstreeks naar alle hoogtepunten brengt, anders was het wel een zoektocht voor ons geweest en had de reis een stuk langer geduurd. Anne Mieke nogmaals bedankt voor alles. Top geregeld in een hele korte tijd..

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    Amy (Wednesday, 09 October 2019 11:05)

    Anne Mieke helped us plan our 5 day overland Flores tour (Maumere to Labuan Bajo). We knew we did not have a much time to spend, but Anne Mieke made sure that we got the maximum fun out of it. We got driver Mesak, who was very kind and his English was fine as well. He drove very safely and made sure we were happy every day. He even showed us an extra tour through the rice fields of Ruteng, which was one of the best experiences during our stay on Flores. Besides, he helped us arrange a 2D1N boat tour from Labuan Bajo to Komodo national park. Many thanks again Anne Mieke! Could not have planned our short stay on Flores any better. Keep up the good work!

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    Jenneke (Tuesday, 08 October 2019 12:03)

    We would like to know that we had a great time on Flores Island, with help of Anne Mieke. The island is amazing. We did an overland tour with driver Jack for 7 days. Jack was a great driver (i was a little bit afraid getting carsick because of the roads, but it never happen :-)). Our first day was there a little problem, but Anne Mieke resolved that problem for us in the middle of the night (she was in “Blanda”)! Didn’t expect so much service on the way, but she arranged it for us. Also here tips for restaurants, guesthouse and guides are really great! Thank you very much Anne Mieke!

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    Aurélien & Norah (Saturday, 05 October 2019 09:05)

    We spent 10 days in Flores and Anne was extremely helpful! She helped us plan the overland part of our trip, suggesting how many nights to spend in each town, hotel and restaurant suggestions, as well as activities suggestions based on our interests! She helped us find a driver who sadly had conflicting schedules a few days before, but then she helped us and called to make sure that we would have another serious English-speaking driver, and we did!
    The website also has tons of useful information, such as laundry places, Komodo tour tips, etc.
    Our trip to Flores was wonderful. Thank you so much, Anne, for doing this for free just to help tourists and locals in Flores!
    Aurélien & Norah

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    Chantal en Wesley (Thursday, 26 September 2019 15:21)

    2 years ago we traveled trough Sulawesi with the help of a local guide who (just like Anne Mieke) helps tourists that like to visit beautiful indonesia. This year, we seeked out for guidance for traveling through Flores. We came into contact with Anne Mieke, whom helped us so much! We had some ideas about what we wanted to visit, but Annemieke knew all the ins and outs. She connected us with a local driver (Yamin) who is one of the nicest drivers we have ever met. His English and knowhow about secret places (where hardly any tourist come) gave us such an authentic Indonesian experience of Flores... A driver is also a very important thing to arrange on Flores (missing unique spots and absurt high prices for taxis if not arranged). Yamin was a very reliable driver, which is also very important due to Floris its curvy and bad roads. Except for Labuan bajo, the rest of Flores is still authentic without many tourist and should not be missed /skipped when traveling to Indonesia. We would like to thank Anne Mieke again for all the information and sharing her love to Flores with us. Chantal & Wesley

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    Anne-Louise fitzpatrick (Sunday, 15 September 2019 23:24)

    We found this wonderful website so useful in planning our12 day trip to Flores. Anne’s guidance and information was reliable in every aspect. Using this website gave us a unique window into Flores. Her responses before and during our trip were quick and helpful. She connected us with a great driver, Stef who was professional, safe and friendly. His communication skills were great and he was able to add lots of local knowledge for us. Highly recommended.

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    Roger & family (Saturday, 24 August 2019 21:46)

    Annemiek helped us out planning a wonderfull trip through the inlands of Flores. We (a family with 2 young daughters of 10 and 12 y/o) have been so lucky to discover and experience significant parts of the real authentic Flores Island and life of its inhabitants. This all thanks to great advice and recommendations by Annemiek who always will be able to identify new rare spots throughout your routing. Only had email contact with her but she always responded very fast and extensively. She really takes care of the authentic life within Flores and does her utmost to disseminate this to other people interested to experience this beautiful Indonesian island as well. The driver she connected us with - Jack Meo - is a great driver! Reliable and a very safe driver on the curvy roads of Flores! He speaks English quite well and was always able to explain further when any question during our 6 days trip rose. We will never forget the great smile of him! So, thanks for all this! Unless we're already well travelled over the world, Flores was thanks to Annemiek and Jack an unforgettable experience for us!

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    Marian and Leo (Thursday, 22 August 2019 21:35)

    We were lucky to find this website. O, what a lot info over Flores.
    We contacted Anne Mieke, and we got a quick respons from her.
    Together we made a program for an 8 days tour in Flores, from Maumere to Labuan Bajo. She gave us advice and helped us with the hotels, the route, the sightseeings and she found us a good local driver . Jack our driver was a friendly man. He drove very safe. That is important because the roads are many times bad and winding.
    We had an unforgettable time on Flores, thanks to Anne Mieke. We wish you all the luck. And thanks again for all your help.

    Marian and Leo

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    Lucas (Wednesday, 31 July 2019 12:13)

    We found Anne Mieke’s website while we were searching for a reasonably priced driver. Within 5 minutes after sending our initial itinerary, she replied extensively. She helped us to plan the perfect trip and arranged a driver named Inno for us. Additionally, she arranged some good guesthouses and places for dinner. Inno was a wonderful driver. He was funny, always laughing and with a smile on his face. Most importantly, he drove very safe and always knew what to do, or where to go. Inno and Anne Mieke made our trip unforgettable. Thanks a lot.

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    Ton & Anne-Marie (Monday, 13 May 2019 19:49)

    Wat hebben wij genoten van onze rondreis door Flores. Een prachtig eiland, waanzinnig mooie natuur en hele vriendelijke mensen.
    Anne Mieke, wij willen jou graag bedanken voor het meedenken en uiteindelijk het maken van onze reisroute. Ook dank voor het in contact brengen met onze chauffeur Yance. Waren superblij met hem! Iemand met een enorme kennis, warme persoonlijkheid en een zeer betrouwbare chauffeur.
    Wij wensen je verder veel succes toe met je prachtige site en nogmaals bedankt voor al je hulp.
    Flores was fantastisch!

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    Tilly & Johan (Wednesday, 01 May 2019 11:59)

    Toen we op familiebezoek naar Bali gingen, beslisten we, 10 dagen voor ons vertrek, ook een bezoek te brengen aan Flores, een tot dan toe voor ons onbekend eiland. We probeerden wat info te verzamelen op het internet en stootten op de website van Anne-Mieke.
    De passie waarmee ze over Flores vertelde en de enthousiaste reacties van reizigers maakten ons nieuwsgierig.
    We stuurden een bericht naar Anne-Mieke en nog diezelfde dag kregen we antwoord, meer zelfs, we hebben ’s avonds een uur met elkaar getelefoneerd en info uitgewisseld.
    A.M. stelde voor een programma op te stellen voor een vijfdaagse trip. Ze deed suggesties voor overnachtingen (vrijblijvend) en maakte de reservatie voor een chauffeur. Achteraf bleek hoe belangrijk dit laatste was. Chauffeur Jack was heel attent, gereserveerd, drong zich nooit op, paste zijn muziekvolume in de auto aan, had aandacht voor onze wensen en …. sprak Engels. Hij beantwoordde onze vragen en respecteerde verder de stilte. Maar het voornaamste : hij was een veilige chauffeur. Hij reed met aangepaste snelheid door de kronkelwegen en anticipeerde op gevaarlijke toestanden langs de weg. Pas na onze trip beseften we hoe belangrijk dit laatste was toen we in Labuan Bajo van andere hotelgasten verhalen hoorden van drivers die zich als cowboys gedroegen (oververmoeide knikkebollende drivers, zelfs 2 passagiers die in het ziekenhuis belandden omdat de driver van de weg afreed). De suggestie van Anne-Mieke was echt wel goud waard : Jack was (is) een topdriver.
    Anne-Mieke bleef zelfs tijdens de reis in contact met ons en i.v.m. een boottocht naar omliggende eilanden reikte zij ons waardevolle info aan.
    Kortom onze trip door Flores was super geslaagd, met dank aan Anne-Mieke.

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    Daniela & Fabio (Thursday, 28 February 2019 11:05)

    We were lucky to have found your website. We received so much help from you. Driver guide Stef picked us up in Maumere for a 5 days trip over Flores to Labuan Bajo. Everything from planning at short notice to taylored to our needs stopps on the way worked so smooth and easy. Usual travel agencies want to sell a fixed program. Anne Mieke is able to listen and to make recommendations of what she heard. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about Flores.

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    Vishnu (Monday, 28 January 2019 08:36)

    We had a great visit to Flores in mid January. It was only possible because of your help. Your recommendation of Mateo was very helpful and made it possible to visit Kelimutu and Moni. In Labuan Bajo we stayed in Puri Sari Beach Hotel which is a bit away from the centre but was good for relaxing before and after our Komodo trip. We took the slow boat (negotiated at the harbor as you suggested) to Padar/Komodo/Pink Beach/Manta point which is a bit loud but pricing was reasonable (500k per person).

    Thanks again Anne for your generous help with our trip.


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    Aldyn (group of 4) (Thursday, 10 January 2019 05:13)

    How glad I am to have stumbled across Anne's website. She was absolutely instrumental in our epic Flores trip, helping create an itinerary and connect us with Jack, an expert driver who knows the island like the back of his hand. Our only regret is that we did not have a few more days to spend along the way (we did 4d, 3n - Maumere to LBJ). That made for a lot more time in the car than out of it, but we didn't have any more time to spare, so the only alternative would have been to not do it at all. I am SO glad we went for it. An incredible island. We will be back, for a few more days, and hopefully with drier weather. Thank you, Anne!

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    Tara (Wednesday, 19 December 2018 11:06)

    Thank you Anne Mieke. What a kind and generous person to give so much help to strangers! Your advice and suggestions have really helped in planning our trip to Flores and you responded straight away. You provide everything we need to know and nothing we don't! I wish there was an Anne Mieke for every country! Tara

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    Laurie Britten (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 20:25)

    Anne Mieke was a huge help in our travel plans for Flores Island. She designed a custom itinerary for us and located a good, safe driver with a comfortable vehicle who was much more reasonable than any one else I had found.
    Anne is very responsive in her communications and recently returned from visiting the island herself, so she is completely up to date.
    I highly recommend her.

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    Harold & Anita (Thursday, 18 October 2018 08:46)

    Via a facebook group we found Anne Mieke's website and contacted her; now we're back home already after a really great 5-day trip from Maumere to Labuan Bajo: Flores is a wonderful island with a lot to see and do, we absolutely enjoyed it!

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    Anna (Saturday, 22 September 2018 12:51)

    I found Anne's website by coincidence and contacted her via what's app. She responded immedietely and provided a lot of helpful information. In a very short time Anne aranged for us a very good driver Paul. He was very comunicative and funny guy. We had a wonderful 3 day tour arround Flores. Thank you Anne

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    Larissa van Geijlswijk (Thursday, 06 September 2018 12:38)

    Anne Mieke has been an enormous help in planning our trip from Labuan Bajo to Maumere. I contacted her only shortly before our trip and wished I had done it earlier, it would have saved me a lot of effort and time. Despite the time constraint she found us a wonderful driver, Yance, who was reliable and funny and made our week unforgettable. Flores is amazing and so is Anne Mieke, who knows the island thoroughly and helps travelers for the benefit of the island, its inhabitants and visitors. Thanks Anne Mieke!

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    Patrice Nijman (Friday, 24 August 2018 10:36)

    Anne Mieke helped us lot with planning our 9 day trip to Flores. She has so much knowledge about this beautiful Island.

    We really, really enjoyed our overland trip on Flores from Maumere to Labuan Bajo. It is such a green, authentic and unspoiled Island.

    Our driver/guide Vincent was recommended by Anne Mieke and he is such a nice guy and very safe driver. Also our kids loved him!

    I can highly recommend a trip to Flores!

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    Natan (Sunday, 12 August 2018 13:44)

    A really beautiful website, and a very kind and helpful person.
    Thanks a lot Anne!

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    Gaye (Monday, 06 August 2018 09:47)

    What a fantastic sight this is -so much advice and knowledge about Flores.
    Due to an oversight by us -we desperately needed help sorting car hire and flights in a quick time frame...Anne was so quick in responding and offering really good solid advice to us.
    I really can't thank Anne enough -we are now so looking forward to our holiday in Flores.
    And if I can offer any advice to travellers -it is check check and double check your itineraries!

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    Rod (Thursday, 02 August 2018 03:52)

    Thank you for all your assistance Anne.
    I had a wonderful 8 day trip though Flores.
    Wanted to tell you about the driver/guide you organised for me (Rolin)...
    A wonderful guide with great local knowledge.
    A very safe and considerate driver.
    He has excellent english skills.
    He is an all-round nice guy!


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    Rien van Loon (Wednesday, 18 July 2018 17:24)

    Prima website! Duidelijk en informatief.
    Dank voor al die moeite

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    Lous (Monday, 30 April 2018 14:32)

    Prachtige website met boordevol duidelijke en interessante informatie, vergezeld van hele mooie foto's.
    Wie wordt hier nou niet enthousiast van !
    Heel veel succes !

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    Bert Pril (Sunday, 11 December 2016 08:16)

    Wat heb je een prachtige website opgezet Anne mieke. Uit al je reisverhalen heb ik al begrepen dat je een zwak hebt voor Flores en de mensen die daar wonen. Nu heb je je voorliefde en kennis van Flores gebruikt om een website op te zetten, en daarmee tegelijkertijd het toerisme naar Flores te promoten, dat is een super initiatief Anne mieke.

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    Luo Ni (Wednesday, 30 November 2016 10:39)

    Anna Mieke ,
    Bagus sekali , fei chang hao , with compliments , il semble très bon avec les compliments .
    Ziet er erg goed uit, wij genieten er van .
    Permisi , zaijian , take care
    Luo Ni / Dashiqiao / China ( Ron )

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    Anne Mieke (webmaster) (Monday, 28 November 2016 19:06)

    Allereerst dank voor de vele mooie complimenten.
    Thanks for all the nice comments.
    Terima kasih untuk pujian2 yang bagus.

    Het gebruik van Engels is een bewuste keuze: het is internationaal. De website is niet alleen bedoeld voor Nederland of Belgie maar juist wereldwijd inclusief Indonesie zelf. Vandaar dat ik ook voor .info heb gekozen ipv .nl in het webadres.
    Echter opmerkingen en/of vragen kunnen in zowel Engels, Nederlands als Indonesisch.
    De meeste toeristen die Flores bezoeken zullen communiceren in het Engels (als men geen Indonesisch spreekt). Gidsen zijn bijna altijd Engelstalig op een enkele uitzondering na die daarnaast ook Italiaans, Frans of Duits spreken.

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    Paola (Monday, 28 November 2016 16:32)

    Anne Mieke, het ziet er gelikt uit. Prachtige website. Je hebt jezelf overtroffen. Zeer overzichtelijk ook. Helaas is niet iedereen het Engels machtig (of een beetje). Dit zou weleens mensen uit Nederland/België af kunnen schrikken. Kan er een keuze mogelijkheid komen Engels/Nederlands?

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    Shirley (Friday, 18 November 2016 12:36)

    Top gedaan dame! Ziet er goed uit, mooie foto's! Je hebt mij wel nieuwsgierig gemaakt! Zal je site zeker promoten onder de familie- en vriendenkring.
    Banjak rejeki!! Hormaté, Shirley X

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    Peter (Friday, 18 November 2016 05:19)

    Prachtige website Anne Mieke, als straks ons huis klaar is gaan we zeker naar Flores en zullen je website dan zeer zeker gebruiken.
    Groetjes, Peter.

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    Joke (Thursday, 17 November 2016 22:08)

    Hoi Anne Mieke,
    Je hebt er iets moois van gemaakt.
    Hoop dat er veel gebruik van zal worden gemaakt, zal het zonodig onder de aandacht brengen van toekomstige reizigers.
    Groetjes Joke

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    Irene (Thursday, 17 November 2016)

    Een prachtige website en de foto's subliem. Ik heb maar een woord voor: Toppie Anne Mieke!

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    meggie (Thursday, 17 November 2016 02:55)

    Wat een geweldig mooie website. Overzichtelijk en prachtige foto's. Hier zullen veel mensen iets aan hebben. Echt top!