The map here above is not updated (as there are 8 regencies and not 6; Nagekeo and Manggarai Timur are missing) but may give you an idea of the island.

From east to west the island is 375 kilometers, via the road from Larantuka to labuan Bajo around 660 kilometers.

Need a good map of Flores?

Flores Travel Map, ISBN 978-3-9523834-4-5

The most complete map of Flores (2012) with maps of the small towns and some trekking areas. Rp 80.000, available on Flores and at the airports of Jakarta, Bali and Labuan Bajo.



The driest month are May to October when it is supposed to be not too rainy. It’s not the rain itself but a heavy and long shower can cause floods and sometimes landslides and potholes as the drainage system is not adequate enough. Trekkings are more difficult or even not possible at all and the sea between Labuan Bajo and Sumbawa and off the southcoast can be rough and boats sometimes don’t run. However a shower now and then keeps Flores green and clean. These days the weather is hardly to predict like anywhere in the world. In January 2016 the mountains around on the westcoast and on the islands off the coast of Labuan Bajo hardly turned back to green again due to (too) little rain since October last year. Most tourists come in June, July and August.



Highlights on the island are Kelimutu Lake, Komodo National Park the adat villages around Bajawa, Wae Rebo, Riung Marine park, and diving and snorkelling. Flores is not yet as famous as parts of Kalimantan and Sumatera when it comes to (volcano) trekking but it is definitely competitive with other islands. And, the nature on Flores is a highlight itself.

People come to Flores for:

- Kelimutu lakes

- traditional villages

- diving & snorkeling

- Komodo dragons

- traditional villages and ceremonies

- unspoilt beaches

- volcanos for hiking


See also the separate regencies





You can travel by plane (but you will miss the beauty of the island).

Or by bus together with the locals and everything they carry including chickens, freezers, huge baskets with eggs, a new mattress they bought in town and everything one can imagine.

Or by travel, a kind of shared taxi, mostly a big car or a minibus, a bit more expensive than the bus but more comfortable and faster.

Or you can hire a car with driver so you can stop whenever you want to.


See all kinds of transportation in the regencysections of East Flores, Central Flores or West Flores and the special about transportation on Flores.  



Let me tell you first that Flores deserves more than a 4 four day trip to Labuan Bajo for diving and see the komodo dragons by chance. Flores has a diversity of attractions.

If you only visit Labuan Bajo for Komodo National Park and diving/snorkeling 4 days will be enough, but you will miss the wonderful interior. Said that while Labuan Bajo has become more and more touristy, heading east you will have Flores mostly for yourself. If travelling overland the classic tour starts in Maumere and ends in Labuan Bajo and will be at least 8 days, more comfortable are two weeks or even more. Even better is to start in Larantuka (maybe even a sidetrip to Solor and Adonara). Three to four weeks will give you the most complete impression of Flores.


                                    (The Flores alphabet from A to Z)

 A. Larantuka


· Cathedral Rheina Rosari

· Chapel Tuan Ana

· Market Larantuka

· Trip to Adonara island 1 to 3 days (Watotena Beach, Mekko Beach, Ile Boleng)

· Trip to Solor island, 1 day as there is no accomodation on Solor (Lamakera, whales)

· Tanjung Bunga, a village with a rich history at the most eastern point of Flores

· Lake Asmara, a beautiful lake to be reached via a path through dense forest

· Kawaliwu Beach at the north coast, also for sunset

· Ile Padung, traditional village of Flores Timur

· Trekking ile Mandiri

· Trekking ile Lewotobi

· Diving and snorkling between Larantuka and Adonara island (near Wureh)

· Semana Santa (from Wednesday before Eastern untill Saturday including Good

  bookings need to made far in advance, at least 6 months before

B. Larantuka to Maumere


· Lewokluok weaving village; every Thursday or on request

· Great views along the coastline with views on Adonara, Solor and Konga

· Detour Nobo to Boru around the twin volcanos Lewotobi Laki2 and Perempuan

· Trekking Lewotobi

· Babi island for diving

· Doreng Beach

· Watublapi, weaving village

· Dokar, weaving village

C. Maumere and daytrips from Maumere


· Wuring, muslim village on stilts, 4 kms from Maumere

· Alok Market

· Nilo, hill with statue of Mother Maria with views on Maumere

· Sikka, old church

. Doreng Beach

. Watublapi, weaving village

. Dokar, weaving village

D. Maumere to Detusoko, via Maurole on North Coast


· Wuring, muslim village on stilts, 4 kms from Maumere

· Wair Nokerua

· Ricefields near Magepanda

· Tiwu Bowu lake and beach a few hundred meters beyond

· River landscape beyond Kotabaru

E. Maumere to Moni


· Nilo, hill with statue of Mother Maria with views on Maumere

· Sikka, old church

· Paga Beach

· Koka Beach, the most beautiful beach on Flores

F. Moni


· Kelimutu NP, the three coloured lakes (13 kilometer)

· Woloaru, traditional village Ende

· Waturaka village

· Waterfall Murandao

G. Moni to Ende


· Wologai, traditional village of Ende

· Waterfall Muru Dhaekale

· Detusoko ricefields

· Wolowona market

· Rock with mark Floresweg (Trans Flores Road, made by the Dutch in 1925)

· Market Ende

H. Ende (and daytrips while staying in Ende)


· Former house of Soekarno 1st president of Indonesia

· Market Ende

· Coast east from Ende

· Wolotopo traditional village Ende

· Sunset Ende Bay

· Grilled fish at the seaside (Pantai Ria)

I. Ende to Bajawa


· Market Ende

· Great views along the coastline

· Penggajawa, blue stone beach near Nangapanda

· Mulakoli (starting point for climbing mount Ebulobo; guides are available in Mulakoli,
  via your guesthouse in Boawae or guides from Bajawa)

· Wogo, traditional village Ngada

· Wolobobo, hill with view on mount Inerie; alsof or sunset

J. Ende to Mbay


· Market Ende

· Great views along the coastline

· Penggajawa, blue stone beach near Nangapanda

· Great views on Mbay 8 km before Mbay

K. South Coast Nagekeo


· Tonggo beach

· Wajo traditional village Nagekeo

· Coast around Mauponggo

L. Mbay


· Tutubhada traditional village Nagekeo

· Marapokot harbour

· Rii Taa island (1 hour from the harbour)

· Ricefields north of Mbay

· Japanese caves

· Kotojogo Beach

· Riung Marine National Park 17 islands

M. Mbay to Riung


· The scenic road Mbay-Riung

· Wewo Dhacatung and wewo Rowet, two strange but beautiful shaped hills

· Rii Taa island (1 hour from the harbour)

N. Mbay to Bajawa via Boawae


· Jalan tengah, one of the most beautiful roads in Flores with views on mount Ebulobo

· Batu kodok, a huge frog shaped stone

· Tutubhada, traditional village Nagekeo

· Wogo, traditional village Ngada

· Wolobobo hill with view on mount Inerie and sunset

O. Riung


· Riung Marine National Park 17 islands

· (part of the) North coast Riung to Pota

P. Riung to Bajawa


· Road through the dense forest (direct but bad road; many drivers take the road via
  Mbay and Boawae which takes 30 minutes longer but is much more comfortable)

· Mengeruda hotsprings near Soa

Q. Riung to Reo


· Coastline

· Ricefields, forest and views

· The beautiful Reo river

· Sunset in Dampek, east of Reo

R. Bajawa and around


· Bena, Gurusina*, Tololela, Bela, Langa, Luba traditional villages of Ngada'hiking from 
  Bena to Tololela and on to Gurusina*

* on 13 th August 2018 a part of Gurusina has burned down

· Watu Nariwowo, acces near Langa with view on Inerie and environment

· Malanage hotspring

· Mengeruda hotspring

· Statue Mother Maria in the mountains and view

· Wolobobo hill, view on mount Inerie and sunset

· Wawo Muda, brown red coloured lake

· Oji waterfall

· Bobou market Bajawa

· Trekking mount Inerie

· Trekking to Belaraghi, traditional village of Ngada, possibility to overnight

· Area north east of Bajawa

S. Bajawa to Ruteng


· Belaraghi, traditional village Ngada, by car 40 minutes from the mainroad in Aimere

· Arrack production in Aimere

· Mbalata beach

· Watu Cepi Beach

· Danau Ranamese (lake)

· Countryside east from Ruteng (just pick a road and be surprised; views, forest,
  ricefields, villages)

· Market Ruteng

T. Ruteng


· Market Ruteng

· Cathedral

· Rutng Puu traditional village

· Curu hill

· Liang Bua cave; site of homo floriensis (45 minutes drive from town)

· Tangkulese waterfall

· Road Ruteng Reo vv (views), Reo river

· Countryside east, west and south from Ruteng (just pick a road and be surprised;
  views, forest, ricefields, villages)

U. Ruteng to Iteng (and on to Dintor and Denge)


· Take the road between the two huge mountains and continue through dense forest
  (national park) and ricefields all the way to Iteng. This is also an alternative road for

  reaching Denge/Wae Rebo; however it is is in bad shape with mud and potholes. To

  reach Denge you also can take the road via Todo. The difference in time is 30

  minutes but the road via Todo is more comfortable, well at least for the first half of it.

V. Reo to Lemarang


· Beaches near Robek, pantai Ketebe

  It is not possible to continue westwards to Terang and Labuan Bajo as the

  bridge has been collapsed (May 2018)

W. Ruteng to Wae Rebo (the classic road via Todo)


· Cancar, spiderweb ricefields

· Countryside west from Ruteng (views, forest, ricefields, villages)

· Todo, traditional village of Manggarai

· Wae Rebo, the icon of the traditional villages of Manggarai with trekking;
  startingpoint in Denge

X. Ruteng to Labuan Bajo


· Cancar for the famous spiderweb ricefields

· Nangalili Beach (40 minutes off road near Lembor, not passable by car at the time

  of writing (October 2018) because of the condition of the bridge

· Toda, (not Todo but Toda) traditional village of Manggarai Barat

· Cunca Rami, waterfall, but best visited from Labuan Bajo on a day trip

· Sanggoang lake, but best visited from Labuan Bajo

· Cunca Wulang, waterfall and canyon, including a short hike

Y. Labuan Bajo (including daytrips)


· Pulau Rinca, for the komodo dragons

· Padar Island for the magnificient view

· Pink Beach

· Pulau Komodo, for the komodo dragons

· Manta Point for diving

· Many other islands west and north of Labuan Bajo

· Batu Cermin cave

· Rangko cave

· Sano Nggoang lake (accomodation available)

· Cunca Wulang, waterfall and canyon with a short trekking

· Cunca Rami waterfall (good combination with Sano Nggoang lake)

· Warloka, ancient site best reached by boat from Labuan Bajo or via a bad road with
  fwd or motorbike only

· Tobedo, for petrified wood

· Kaca for petrified wood

· Sunset from Paradise Bar or Pede Beach

· Terang for nice views

· 20 kilometers east of Labuan Bajo, views over Komodo National Park


Z. North and South from Labuan Bajo


· Sano Nggoang lake (accomodation available)

· Mount Mbeliling (trekking, bird watching)


And ....across the island coffee plantations, cashew nut trees, cacao plantations, lontar trees for arrack production, vanilla, bambu forests, candlenut trees and above all friendly people....



Visiting Komodo National Park


Labuan Bajo has dozens of agents, small offices and people on the road offering trips to Komodo NP. 

  • Daytrip to Padar Island (yessss... the one with the awesome views on Komodo Island), Komodo Island (including Pink Beach) and Manta Point is the most populair one. Departure is early morning around 5.30 am and you will be bacjk late afternoon around 16:00 or 17:00 or so,.
  • Daytrip to Rinca island with a snorkling stop on the way back.
  • Daytrip as you like (private boat only)
  • Trip 2 or 3 days with overnight on the boat .
  • Trips as you like, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or more. Up to you but of course orivate boat only. There are also possiblities to overnight on several islands in Komodo NP including Rinca Island or Komodo Island. And, yes the dragons sleep there as well.  

What expect to pay?

To be honest,  I really don' t know. 

Every time I come to Labuan Bajo (which is at least once a year) I am suprised about prices which have increased the last decade. For a daytrip the prices are between

Rp 350.000 and Rp 500.000 per person. For a private boat prices can be anything between Rp 1.500.000 (1,5 million) and Rp 4.000.000 (4 million) for exact the same type of boat. Nobody can explain why these prices are that high. Back in 2012 I paid   

Rp 550.000 for a private boat for a trip Rinca and a "snorkling" Island on the way back but in January 2016 I had to bargain hard to pay 1,7 million instead of the asked 2,3 million for a trip Padar and Komodo. The lowest price I have heard two month ago was 1,5 millon (Rp 1.500.000) for a full day, starting at 5.30 am untill late afternoon.

These days there also speedboats for rent starting around 5 million a day.  So the message is: shop around and bargain hard.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • do not book in advance from your home country!
  • choose a boat with at least two engines
  • check safety on board
  • check weather forecast the day before
  • if you intend to dive also check the expected currents
  • prices of daytrips on seat in base should be between Rp 350.000 and             Rp 500.000 per person
  • prices of 2 daytrips on seat in base should be between Rp 700.000 and          Rp 1.000.000 per person
  • prices for 2-daytrips with a chartered private boat start around 3,5 million, 4 to 5 million is more common; prices also depend on luxury of boat 
  • a private boat hired from 5.30 - 17:00 should be no more than Rp 2.000.000
  • a private boat hired from 8:00 - 16:00 should be no more than Rp 1.500.000
  • check what is included and what is not


Prices for boats is one thing, but at all times SAFETY FIRST




Below you will find some travelsuggestions depending on time you want to spend and your interests including the most important highlights like Komodo National Park, Kelimutu lakes and the traditional villages around Bajawa.

Note: the trips here below are not yet detailed but they cover the highlights. For more tailored trips, questions or comments:


Denpasar (Bali) or Kupang (Timor) are the most convenient airports to start your trip to Flores. If you want to combine your holiday with Sumba, Timor or Alor there are also connections with airports on Flores (check the transport section).


The pdf docs here below cover most demands and are counted in full days, thus they don't include your day of departure.  The routes are just examples. Send me an email and I can make you a tailored trip.

I am still working on detailed trips including Wae Rebo. Be patient. They will online at the end of July 2018.

The trips below do not cover trekkings to volcanos like Inerie, Mbeling, Ebulobo or Lewotobi.

For those who want to see the Kelimutu lakes with no time at all, it is still possible... Today you'll fly from Denpasar or Kupang to Ende. Continue to Kelimutu and depending on your flight next day you can overnight in Moni (more enjoyable) or Ende. If you overnight in Ende you need a car for one day only. But Moni, on the other hand is more peaceful and you will meet other travelers rather than in Ende.
Flores 0.1 three colours 1 day.doc.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 103.0 KB

If you like diving, come to Labuan Bajo for an unforgetable trip to Komodo National Park and meet the fairytale (yess.... they still exist) together with the komodo dragons.
Fly to Labuan Bajo. Next day at 5:30 am your day will start with the magic sunrise. Enjoy the boattrip and the views on Padar hill. Well... just go there.
Flores 0.2 rush through paradise 2 days.
Adobe Acrobat Document 103.4 KB

With this ultra short trip you still can enjoy Kelimutu AND Komodo National Park. Indeed, you will have to fly within Flores itself which is a pity. But after seeing these two wonders you will be back someday. No doubt.
Flores 0.3 double K 3 days.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 110.6 KB

For diving fanatics who have seen "everything" yet.... This is your chance to check out Flores underwater. But please, don't forget the interior east of Labuan Bajo next time.
Flores 0.3.1 Komodo Plus 3 days.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 313.8 KB

This is the shortest overlandtrip on Flores possible including visit to Kelimutu, the traditional villages around Bajawa and Komodo National Park. Be prepared for long days as the interior of Flores is mountaineous, but at least you have seen a part of this beautiful island. Paling cepat means "the most quick" :-)
Flores 0.4 paling cepat highlights 4 day
Adobe Acrobat Document 316.3 KB

Your visit to Flores wil obtain the absolute highlights like Kelimutu, traditional villages and the stunning landscape around Ruteng (just take any road) and at the end of course Komodo National Park for diving and admire the komodo dragons.
Flores 0.5 the absolute highlights 5 day
Adobe Acrobat Document 317.1 KB

To my opinion this should be the minimum time to spend on Flores. Don't get me wrong, I just translate the demands of the average traveler. And, you have enough time to fall in love with the island, just like I did, years ago.
Flores 1.0 8 days classic tour.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 320.3 KB


This overland tour includes Riung where you can visit Riung National Marine park 17 islands, which is a kind of a mini Komodo NP. But, not only that. It is less touristic, more cosy, less spoiled by tourists.
Flores 1.1 semi classic tour 10 days .pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 395.3 KB

Check out the stories


If you have time, this is the one I recommend . You will start in the far east of Flores, in Larantuka. You can spend a day on Adonara and/or Solor which also belong to Flores. Gorgeous "nobody there" beaches on Adonara. Far away from Labuan Bajo, far from tourists. Do I have to say more? Check out the photo's.
Flores 7.7 paling lengkap 17 days.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 326.0 KB





                         HAVE A NICE TRIP!