Central Flores comprises the regencies (kabupaten) of Ende, Nagekeo, Ngada and Manggarai Timur.

See & do
hightlights in central Flores

BEACH (=pantai)


-Kotajogo near Mbay

-Marine Park 17 islands, Riung

-Pantai Cincin, west of Ende

-Pantai Enabara, Ende north coast near Maurole

-Pantai Enabhara, south east of Bajawa

-Pantai Enagera, east of Mauponggo

-Pantai Ma'ukeke, west of Ende

-Pantai Mbalata, near Aimere

-Pantai Mbu'u, east of Ende

-Pantai Ria in Ende (grilled fish at the seaside)

-Penggajawa, blue stone beach near Nangapanda

-Watu Cepi Beach near Borong 



-Belaraghi to Paukate 1-1,5 hours downhill through savanna landscape

-Bena to Tololela 1-1,5 hours through bamboo forest, mostly flat

-Bukit Liaga north coast Ende district for a Padarlike view

-Beiposo to Belaraghi, 7 to 9 hours through the forest
-Watu Nariwowo trekking (start from Langa village) short hike
-Wawo Muda, the mini Kelimutu near Bajawa, 1,5 hours hike



-Japanese caves near Mbay

-Pancasila monument, Ende

-Rock with mark "Floresweg" (Trans Flores Road, made by the Dutch in 1925)

-Soekarno's (1st president of Indonesia) former house and museum in Ende


-Malanage hot- and coldspring

-Mengeruda hotspring, Soa


-Bobou market near Bajawa

-Ende market

-Wednesday market Boawae

-Wolowona market



-Mount Ebulobo, 2124 MASL, Mulakoli is startingpoint

-Mount Inerie, 2245 MASL, (dep 2 am, return between 10 and 12 am)

-Mount Iya, 637 MASL, south of Ende town, also for sunset


-Kelimutu NP, the three coloured lakes which are changing from time to time
-Riung Marine National Park 17 islands

-Watu Nariwowo trekking (start from Langa village) short trekking



-Cathedral Ende 
-Statue of Mother Mary near Beiposo (Bajawa) and view on the valley


-Dampek east of Reo

-Ende town

-Ende, Puncak Ndona

-Watu Mitong, 20 minutes west of Riung

-Wolobobo, south east of Bajawa



-Arrack production in Aimere

-Tenun ikat (woven cloth)



The villages below are the most beautiful in Ngada district and around Bajawa
-Belaraghi (overnight possible)

-Bena (overnight possible)




-Maghilewa (overnight possible)

-Tololela (overnight possible)

*Gurusina village has burned down on 13th August 2018 but is rebuilt again.

Other areas
-Kawa (Nagekeo) but rnot easy accesible

-Nggela, south of Moni near the coast
io between Mbay and Riung

-Saga (between Ende and Detusoko)
-Tutubhada (Nagekeo), easy accesible along the road Boawae to Mbay
-Wajo (Nagekeo)
-Waturaka (near Moni)
-Woloara, Jopu Ranggase traditional house (near Moni)

-Wologai (near Moni)

-Wolotopo (near Ende)



-Bukit Liaga, a Padarlike hill with awesome views, north coast Ende

-Bukit Nanga Lok, viewpoint between Riung and Pota

-Coastline around Mauponggo

-Coastline east of Ende

-Coastline Ende to Nangapanda

-Danau Ranamese (lake)
-Detusoko ricefields

-Jalan tengah, a beautiful road between Boawae and Mbay with nice views

-Landscape north east of Bajawa

-Rana Tonjong (lotus lake) near Pota

-Reo river, north of Ruteng towards Reo

-Ricefields north of Mbay with the 7 palmtrees

-Riverlandscape near Kota Baru, north coast Ende

-Road Golewa to the south coast

-Views on Mbay 6 km before Mbay coming from Aegela

-Watu Mitong, pretty coastline 20 minutes west of Riung

-Wewo Rowet, the "camel" mountain on the road Mbay-Riung

-Wolobobo hill, view on Inerie volcano and sunset


WATERFALLS (air terjun)

-Kedebodu, Ende
-Murondao, Ende

-Murudhaekale, Ende
-Ogi waterfall, Bajawa
-Padhawatu, south east of Bajawa


-Arrack production in Aimere

-Bamboo bridges between Ende and Detusoko
-Bamboo handicraft, Mr. Markus in Manubhara

-Batu kodok, a large rock which looks like a frog on jalan tengah
-Coffee plantation Wolopaku
-Coloured hanging bridges near Ende

-Japanese caves near Mbay
-Marapokot harbour
-Monumen Pancasila, Ende
-Pantai Ria in Ende (grilled fish at the seaside)

-Ri'i Taa island (1 hour from the harbour of Marapokot)

-Rock with mark "Floresweg" (Trans Flores Road, made by the Dutch in 1925)

-Soekarno's (1st president of Indonesia) former house and museum in Ende

-Statue of Mother Mary in the mountains near Beiposo (Bajawa)


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