Central Flores comprises the regencies of (kabupaten) of Ende, Nagekeo, Ngada and Manggarai Timur.

See & do in the central part of Flores


  1. Kelimutu NP, the three coloured lakes
  2. Woloaru, traditional village

  3. Waterfalls

  4. Wologai, traditional village
  5. Detusoko ricefields
  6. Rock with mark Floresweg (Trans Flores Road, made by the Dutch in 1925)
  7. Former house of Soekarno 1st president of Indonesia
  8. Coast east from Ende
  9. Wolotopo traditional village
  10. Grilled fish at the seaside (Pantai Ria)
  11. Sunset in Ende
  12. Great views along the coastline Ende to Nangapanda
  13. Blue stone beach near Nangapanda
  14. Great views on Mbay 10 km before Mbay
  15. Wajo traditional village
  16. Coast around Mauponggo
  17. Marapokot harbour
  18. Rii Taa island (1 hour from the harbour)
  19. Ricefields north of Mbay
  20. Japanese caves near Mbay
  21. Strange but beautiful shaped mountains on the right side on the scenic road Mbay-Riung
  22. Riung Marine National Park 17 islands
  23. North coast west of Riung to Pota
  24. The beautiful Reo river
  25. Sunset in Dampek east of Reo
  26. Mulakoli (starting point for climbing mount Ebulobo; overnight in Boawae)
  27. Jalan tengah, a beautiful road on Flores with views on mount Ebulobo
  28. Batu kodok, a large rock which looks like a frog
  29. Tutubhada, traditional village in Nagekeo
  30. Bajawa-Riung, road through the dense forest (direct but bad road)
  31. Soa hotsprings
  32. Bena, Gurusina, Tololela, Bela, Langa, Luba (traditional villages, also possible with partly "light" hiking). Gurusina village has burned down almost totally on 13th August of this year
  33. Malanage hotspring
  34. Statue of Mother Maria in the mountains and view on the valley
  35. Wogo (traditional village)
  36. Wolobobo hill, view on mount Inerie and the valley around the mountain
  37. Wawo Muda, brown red coloured lake
  38. Oghi waterfall
  39. Market Bajawa
  40. Trekking mount Inerie
  41. Trekking to Belaraghi (traditional village, possibility to overnight)
  42. Area northeast of Bajawa
  43. Belaraghi (traditional village, by car via Aimere or with trekking 8 hours from Bajawa)
  44. Arrack farm in Aimere
  45. Mbalata beach
  46. Watu Cepi Beach
  47. Danau Ranamese (lake)