East Flores comprises the regencies (kabupaten) Flores Timur and Sikka


See & do and hightlights in east Flores

-Doreng Beach

-Ina Burak Beach on Adonara

-Kawaliwu Beach, also for sunset (good combination with Ile Padung)

-Koka Beach, on the way from Maumere to Moni

-Lato beach, 20 kms west of Kawaliwu

-Mekko Beach, Adonara

-Oa Beach and Rako beach (surfing) are next to eachother

-Nobo Beach

-Paga Beach, on the way from Maumere to Moni

-Pantai Kwuta, beach 6 kilometers (1 hour!) west of lake Asmara
-Pantai Riang Sunge, beach on Solor

-Pantai Watohari, beach on Solor

-Pantai Wewa, beach on Solor

-Watotena Beach on Adonara



-Daytrip to Pulau Besar and Koja Doi which is connected by a small stone foothpath
  and Pangabatang island (boats leave from Nangahale)

-Diving and snorkling Larantuka and surroundings

-Diving and snorkling near Maumere and the islands north of Waigete (Babi island,  
  Pulau Besar), around 30 kms from Maumere. Check this diving website



-Cathedral Rheina Rosari

-Chapel Tuan Ana

-Chapel Tuan Ma

-Chapel Tuan Meninu
-Mater Dolorosa

-Taman Bukit Fatima



-Alok Market in Maumere

-Larantuka market seaside 



-Mount Egon near Maumere

-Mount Lewotobi twin volcano near Boru (start at Bawalatang)



-Biara Trappist monastry in Tanjung Bunga

-Cathedral Rheina Rosari, Larantuka

-Cathedral St. Yosef, Maumere

-Catholic graveyard just outside Larantuka (seaside)

-Chapel Tuan Ana, Larantuka

-Chapel Tuan Ma, Larantuka

-Chapel Tuan Meninu, Larantuka
-Mater Dolorosa

-Semana Santa, the holy Easternweek from Wednesday before Eastern until Sunday
  including Good Friday as the peak of the celebration; bookings need to be made far
  in advance, at least 6 months before
  see also

-Sikka, old wooden church and weaving process

-Taman Bukit Fatima 



-Kajuwulu, north west of Larantuka

-Wair Nokerua, west of Maumere



-Bantala, west of Larantuka (tenun ikat)

-Bola, weaving village (tenun ikat)

-Dokar, weaving village (tenun ikat)

-Ile Padung (traditional house)

-Lepo Lorun, weaving village (tenun ikat) near Nita

-Lewokluok, weaving village; every Thursday or on request

-Riangkeme near ile Mandiri (tenun ikat)

-Sikka weaving village and old church

-Waibao, Tanjung Bunga (tenun ikat)

-Watublapi, weaving village (tenun ikat)

-Wuring, muslim village on stilts, 4 kms west of Maumere (but you need to resist the
  plastic soup!



-Bukit Liaga, a Padarlike not often visited hill with awesome views
-Bukit Salib Kolisia, a wonderful viewpoint west of Maumere
-Detour Nobo to Boru around the twin volcanos Lewotobi Laki2 and Perempuan

-Great views along the coastline with views on Adonara, Solor and Konga
-Lake Asmara, a beautiful lake hidden in the jungle

-Nilo hill with a statue of Mother Maria with views on Maumere

-Ricefields near Magepanda

-Roundtrip ile Mandiri

-Tanjung Ogor Paret

-Wair Nokerua, a beautiful coast also popular for sunset 



-Kedebodu, Ende
-Murondao, Ende

-Murudhaekale, Ende 



-Cocoa plantation between Maumere and Moni
-Larantuka King's Palace (history 1st Catholic kingdom of Indonesia)

-Leworook coffee plantation (not far from Lewokluok village)

-Trip to Adonara island 1 to 3 days (Kampung Adonara, Ina Burak, Watotena Beach,
  Mekko Beach, Ile Boleng)

-Trip to Solor island 1 or 2 days; Lamakera (whales), Portugues fortress in Lohayong,
  pantai Watohari, beaches in the southern part.
A wooden boat leaves from
  Larantuka at 9 am and back from Podor at 16:00 hrs

-Tanjung Bunga, the "tail" of Flores, where Flores got it's name from

-Tunaboats off the beach 6 kms south of Larantuka

-Wuring, muslim village on stilts, 4 kms west of Maumere (but you need to resist the
  plastic soup)


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