East Flores comprises the regencies (kabupaten) Flores Timur and Sikka


See & do in the eastern part of Flores


  1. Semana Santa, the holy Easternweek from Wednesday before Eastern until Sunday including Good Friday as the peak of the celebration; bookings need to made far in advance, at least 6 months before
  2. Cathedral Rheina Rosari
  3. Chapel Tuan Ana
  4. Taman Bukit Fatima
  5. Trip to Adonara island 1 to 4 days (Kampung Adonara, Watotena Beach, Mekko Beach, Ile Boleng)
  6. Trip to Solor island 1 or 2 days (Lamakera (whales), Portugues fortress in Lohayong, pantai Watohari, beaches in the southern part. A wooden boat leaves from Larantuka at 9 am and back from Podor at 16:00.
  7. Tanjung Bunga, where Flores got it's name from
  8. Lake Asmara, a beautiful lake hidden in the jungle
  9. Pantai Kwuta, beach 6 kilometers (1 hour!) west from lake Asmara
  10. The north-eastern tip of Flores where a brandnew road has been built
  11. Ile Padung (traditional village)
  12. Kawaliwu Beach, also for sunset (good combination with Ile Padung)
  13. Roundtrip ile Mandiri
  14. Diving and snorkling Larantuka and surroundings
  15. Lewokluok, weaving village; every Thursday or on request
  16. Great views along the coastline with views on Adonara, Solor and Konga
  17. Nobo beach
  18. Detour Nobo to Boru around the twin volcanos Lewotobi Laki2 and Perempuan
  19. Trekking Lewotobi volcano, starting point in Boru
  20. Oa Beach
  21. Rako Beach
  22. Daytrip to Pulau Besar and Pulau Koja which is connected by a small stone foothpath with Pulau Besar and  Pangatang island (boats from Nangahale)
  23. Diving and snorkling near Maumere and the islands north of Waigete (Babi island, Pulau Besar), around 30 kms from Maumere
    check this diving website
  24. Climbing Ekon volcano
  25. Wair Nokerua, a beautiful coast also populair for sunset
  26. Ricefields near Magepanda (best from December to August)
  27. Doreng beach at the south coast
  28. Bola, weaving village (tenun ikat)
  29. Dokar,  weaving village (tenun ikat)
  30. Watublapi,  weaving village (tenun ikat)
  31. Alok Market in Maumere

  32. Wuring, muslim village on stilts, 4 kms west of Maumere (but you need to resist the plastic soup)

  33. Lepo Lorun weaving village (tenun ikat) near Nita
  34. Nilo hill with statue of Mother Maria with views on Maumere
  35. Sikka, old wooden church and weaving proces
  36. Cacao plantation
  37. Paga Beach
  38. Koka Beach, the most beautiful beach on Flores with a twin bay
  39. Sunset Kajuwulu
  40. Ricefields near Magepanda