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Actual Travelregulations Covid-19


The latest travel regulations for international entries for Indonesia are from 1 September 2022. Check them here, published by the Taskforce Covid-19 (the only official source).
Taskforce covid-19 circulair nr 25 for international travels 

However they are very long and not easy to read.


In short the main regulations:

  • Travelers > 18 years need to be fully vaccinated
    which means 2 shots of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinovac etc (or a combination) or 1 shot Johnson & Johnson or Sputnik.*
  • Travelers under 18 years don’t need to show a vaccination certificate.
  • Travelers who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons need to show an official statement from a doctor; please check your embassy or consulate abroad.

  • Since 1 March 2023 you also need to download the SatuSehat app (PeduliLindungi before) on your phone (don’t need to be filled with data).

 *in case of other vaccins please check the Ministery of Health

A negative PCR-test or quarantine cannot replace vaccination.
Upon arrival body temperature is checked automatically at the airport. In case it is 37,5C° or above you will be screened and possibly PCR-tested.
Only travelers who are positive tested will be quarantined.  


On 30 December 2022 president Jokowi lifted all local Covid-19 regulations but this has nothing to do with international entries; vaccination is still required.

Another reliable source is the IATA travelmap for international travel

Please be careful with information from embassies, consulates and ministries of foreign affairs as information often is not up to date or not correct.

Inreisvoorwaarden voor niet Indonesiërs
Lees hier de reisbepalingen voor Indonesië mbt vaccinatie en visummogelijkheden
Adobe Acrobat Document 162.7 KB

20 December 2022



Discussions for 4 years.
In 2018 the governor of NTT planned to introduce a tarif of US$ 500 and later even US$ 1000 for Komodo National Park. The travel world was outraged. A national park with such rates? I couldn't even mention one in the entire world.
Later the entrancefee was reconsidered and finally Indonesia's president Jokowi decided the entrancefee should be 3,75 million Rupiah (240 US$/225 euro) which would take effect on August 1st this year. However for the islands of Komodo and Padar only.
After announcing the effective date of August 1 (Rinca wasn't even ready yet to receive guests) there were demo's and riots and the plan was postponed to January 2023. Late October the government sent a letter to the governor and Flobamora to recondiser the plan.
It became quiet untill a few days ago Sandiago Uno, minister of Tourim announced that that the plan has been cancelled. Definitively
This is good news for tourists.
For the wellness of the komododragon I am not sure. Not only for the komododragon but for the entire Komodo National Park including the underwater world which needs to be protected as well.
Indonesia scraps new entrancefee for Komodo
So the (basicentrancefee will be the current one which is Rp 150.000 on weekdays and Rp 225.000 on Sundays and holidays.

February 2023

Visa On Arrival at the airport for 87 countries

eVOA Visa On Arrival available for 27 countries


Finally Indonesia has an online system to apply for a prepaid eVOA. 
You need to make an account first. Then upload a photo (not bigger than 200k!) and a copy of your passport. Once this is done you can apply for visa on arrival.
A few notes: as they also ask where your stay in Indonesia you need to fill in the full address of the hotel, villa or whatever. This can be confusing as you need to fill in the province, district, township and village. Sometimes the website seems overloaded. Costs are Rp 500.000. Payment is with credit card, the fee for credit card is Rp 19.5000. So you will be charged Rp 519.500 in total.
At the airport you can directly go to the Immigration desk.


For making an account and apply for eVOA:
Also check out explanation on Instagram

VOA is extentable for 30 days which you can do online as well. This service is since 30 January 2023 and only available online if you already have an eVOA. You don't need to go to an immigration office anymore. Pricing is the same as VOA, so Rp 500.000 plus the credit card fee, so Rp 519.500 in total.


How to... eVOA (Immigration Indonesia)

Adobe Acrobat Document 1.6 MB

5 October 2022

Rinca island open for visitors again

see the newspage

26 August 2022

Regulation for domestic travel

Foreign visitors 18+ can travel with at least two vaccinations of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or similar (or Johnson&Johnson or similar). No more testing!
Foreign children up and until 17 do not require vaccination,
also no more testing.
However, for Indonesians (and probably also for KITAS/KITAP holders which isn't 100% clear) are other requirements.
This regulation is for all kinds of domestic transport, eg plane, train, boat, bus and travel between districts.
Check (bahasa Indonesia only)
Regulation 24 Taskforce Covid-19 (bahasa Indonesia)

3 August 2022

Tourism Labuan Bajo back to normal 

The strike of the tourism branche in Labuan Bajo which started on 1 August and was announced for the whole month of August has been canceled and tourism is back to normal again.
The joint
associations of tourism have agreed with the plans of the implementation of the new entrancefee of 3.75 million for the islands Komodo and Padar.
The Ministry of Tourism has announced that the old rate of Rp 150.000/Rp 225.000 weekdays/Sundays and Holidays will be maintained until January 2023 for the whole national park including the islands Komodo and Padar.

It is not clear if Rinca island is still closed or not.

See also earlier news about the strike

Strike Labuan Bajo Komodo National Park

Visa On Arrival available at 16 airports and for 87 nationalities
Plus 23 seaports and 7 landborders







Bosnia Herzegovina


Brunei Darussalam







Czech Republic








Hong Kong


















New Zealand









San Marino

Saudi Arabia






South Africa

South Korea






The Netherlands

Timor l‘ Este




United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States of America
Vatican City


Airports of entry


Balikpapan - East Kalimantan
Banda Aceh - Aceh, Sumatera
Batam - Sumatera
Jakarta Halim - Java
Jakarta Soekarno Hatta - Java
Denpasar - Bali
Kertajati - West Java
Lombok - Lombok
Makassar - Sulawesi
Manado - Sulawesi
Medan - Sumatera
Padang - Sumatera
Pekanbaru - Sumatera
Port Numbay - Papua
Surabaya - Java
Yogyakarta International - Java
* Note: although all of the above airports are considered to be open maybe not all of them are handling international flights right away.
Please check before traveling!

VOA is also available at many seaports and landborder crossings

Visa On Arrival VOA proces and extension

Rate Rp 500.000 (US$ 35.00), v
alid for 30 days and extendable for another 30 days at one of the immigration offices in Indonesia.
Since 28 November extension online is also possible online
When extending your visa at an immigration office be aware there is a huge difference in processing time between the offices.
Tip: Pick an Immigration Office outside the touristplaces.
Check here for all Immigration offices in Indonesia

You need to fill in a form, pay the extension at the postoffice or bank, then back to immigration for photo, fingerprints and digital signature and collect your passport with the extension. You need an onward or return tickets when extending the VOA.All is communicated by email.
However the proces can last a couple of hours up and until a couple of weeks.
Immigration Maumere seems to be one of the quickest in Indonesia. On Bali it can last up to 14 days!). On June 6th 2022 it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes in Maumere to get my visa extended.

Requirements foreigners entering Indonesia 


- adults >18 years fully vaccinated* (completed 14 days before arrival)

- children 0-<18 years don't need to show a vaccination card


*Booster not mandatory. 
1 dose Johnson&Johnson, Sputnik V  etc. counts as fully vaccinated. Recovery from Covid-19 is not accepted instead of vaccination or negative test. 


SatuSehat app
You are mandatory to download the SatuSehat app on your handphone (even if it's not filled with data).
Register your vaccinations before departure (if possible)
Using the SatuSehat app causes a big headache for many travelers.
Always carry your vaccinations in hard copy.
I was in Indonesia from from May to July, and n November to December last year: excet upon arrval my vaccination card was never asked. 


Valid 6 months upon arrival


Visa exemption for 30 days
Nationals of ASEAN can get a visafree stamp upon arrival free of charge.
Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam 


VOA (Visa On Arrival)

86 nationalities see above

Rate Rp 500.000 (US$ 35,00)
Valid for 30 days
And extendable for another 30 days at Immigration

*see above in section "Visa On Arrival on 16 airports" (plus an amount of seaports and landborders).
Tip: you need an onward- or return ticket when extending the VOA.


Visa B211A tourist
For all nationals who aren't on the visa exemption or VOA list.

-photo in colour 4x6 cm

-copy of passport (at least 6 months valid when entering Indonesia)

-proof of vaccination
-bank statement with at least US$ 2000
-return- or onward ticket to another country

The 60 day visa can be applied online via the customersportal of Immgration Indonesia 
You need an account first, then upload your photograph and passport in jpg. or png (be aware of the maxmum size of 200Kb). Payment by creditcard only (Master, Visa)
Costs of ths visa are Rp 1.500.000 plus creditcard costs. This visa cannot be extended unless you have a sponsor!
However, the VOA plus extension both online or at the airport/immigration office still the cheapest option for 60 days.

The extendabele B211 needs to be arranged via an agent (usually Bali or Jakarta; there are also a few on Lombok and Makassar). If you need a trusted agent please contact me.
The B211A visa can be extended two times with 60 days but via the nearest immigration of your agent only.  


Entrypoints by air

see above


Which covers Covid-19 in case you test positive and need isolation or medical care is recommended but not mandatory anymore.


Useful links:

Bali Covid-19 Update (Facebook page with information about Covid-19)
Law and Regulations in Indonesia  
(another useful Facebook page)  website immigration Indonesia  for news about traveling to Bali

Below the "how to..." for international travelers to Bali
For a complete list of requirements check 


A WARM WELCOME TO FLORES - INDONESIA!                                                                                                      

                                                                                                             Welcome to our paradise


FLORES is an island in the tropics south of the equator, belonging to the lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara Timur) of Indonesia. The original name of Flores is Tandjoeng Bunga, Malay for flowercape. When the Portuguese came to the island they renamed it into Cabo de Flores and the Dutch shortened it into Flores which means flowers.


FLORES is mostly green, partly dry, mountainous and heavenly beautiful. Flores has everything when dreaming of a tropical island.


FLORES has some gorgeous touristic attractions like the prehistorically komodo dragons, the “Spielberg like” Kelimutu lakes, majestic volcanos like Inerie and Ebulobo and traditions we have almost forgotten in this hasty world. And much more.

Come and see the empty beaches, enjoy wonderful diving, adventurous trekkings, deserted islands, pristine forests, all colour lakes, hidden waterfalls, impressive ceremonies, traditional villages, awesome music, interesting ikat (woven cloth) and above all the welcoming people of Flores. Superb is the only word which fits them all.

You will be surprised by this warm and cool island.



This website is for information and anything you need for your holiday on Flores.

As I am not an agent I do not sell packages.

However, I will be happy to help you to compose a trip on Flores which suits you and I can find you a car with driver for a fair price. I am "working" together with drivers and guides who I know personally. No fee, no commission, everything without any profit. My mission is to help travelers and get the tourism on Flores on a higher level. Tourists happy with fair prices and good information, locals happy to get an income from tourism which is badly needed as Flores is one of the poorest islands of Indonesia.

If you are satisfied with the information and/or the result please tell me, preferably  via the comment page. If you are not, please let me know as well.

People of Flores are awaiting you and will be proud to show you their island.


contact (your mail wil be answered within 24 hours)

My website is as complete and updated as possible including all place of interest, practical information and everything you need for your holiday on Flores. All people are different and to give good information and advice please be as specific as possible with your questions and give me your relevant information as much as possible. Such as:


  • With how many people you are traveling, adults/children (in case you need a car so I can find the right one)
  • Dates of travel (if already known)
  • How much time you can/want to spend on Flores or maybe some other islands
  • Your interests
  • Your demands
  • Your limitations   


tel +62 81284773377 (Indonesian number) for short WhatsApp messages or calls via WhatsApp for questions.
Please take notion of difference in time with your country as I am most of the time in the Netherlands.



Please pay attention to the sections about renting a boat/book for a seat-in tour, especially for Komodo NP and hiring a car with driver.

           bienvenue à Flores

                                                                      bem vindo a Flores

               Wilkommen auf Flores

                                      Sveiki atvykę į Floresą

      bun venit la Flores

                                                     добро пожаловать в Флорес

Vítejte na Floresu

                                                플로레스에 오신 것을 환영합니다

                             välkommen till Flores

     benvenuto a Flores


wëllkomm zu Flores

                                                welkom op Flores

                       Tere tulemast Floresesse

ברוכים הבאים לפלורס              

                                                       Velkommen til Flores

  tervetuloa Floresiin



bienvenido a Flores

                                                                       witamy w Flores


مرحبا بك في فلوريس       


                                  laipni lūdzam Floresā

ласкаво просимо в Флорес

For all guests and Floreslovers,

I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR
And, safe and wonderful travels ofcourse!

Anne Mieke

Photo: the beauty of Moni (for Kelimutu) shot on 29 November 2022

This website is made with love and passion.

Colours are well chosen: green (forest & ricefields), blue (sea and rivers) and brown (mountains & traditional houses), the colours of Flores.

You will find here travel information about the island of Flores, which will be updated frequently.

Questions, suggestions and comments are always welcome.