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  • What are the hotels like on Flores?

Outside Labuan Bajo on Flores you will find few hotels of an international standard. Most of the 3 star and up hotels are in Labuan Bajo and surroundings.

Note that in Moni, Bajawa and Ruteng most hotels do not have aircon as this is not needed because of the altitude. Outside Labuan Bajo hotels with a swimmingpool are rare.


  • What are the prices for accomodation on Flores?

Comparing to Bali prices for accommodation are a bit higher due to a higher standard (everything is more expensive) and also lack of competition. For around Rp 500.000 you will have a good sized and clean room, a good sleep, good bed, private bathroom (and aircon in coastal areas).


  • Can you recommend a hotel or guesthouse?

Oops, that's a bit difficult to answer as everyone has its own wishes. Booking.com an Traveloka.com gives a good idea what's available. You also can check this part of my website. If you really don't know or you have difficulties to find decent accomodation please contact me.


  • Should I book accommodation in advance?

For the months July and August, the Idul Fitri period (after Ramadan) and around Christmas/New Year it is wise to book ahead. Also, if you want a particular hotel you'd better book well ahead as many hotels don't have that many rooms. Book for a hotel which can be canceled without a fee.
For the Semana Santa (the week before Easter) in Larantuka, please book far in advance, like 6 months before.


  • How do I book accommodation?

Booking.com, Agoda.com and Traveloka.com offer the most choice. You can also contact your hotel directly by email, WhatsApp or telephone.

Note that not all hotels can be booked via internet sites.


  • I have sent an email/app but I don't get an answer; what should I do?

Try to get in touch once again. Emails are less frequently read than messages via handphone. Plus for some reason communication via email is less common in Indonesia. The problem also can be the local internet which is not as good as in western countries.


  • The hotel I want to book is not available anymore. Should I still try to book via WhatsApp or telephone?

Yes, except for the months of July and August there is a good chance your choice is still available. Many hotels do not put all their rooms on the internetsites. So, just give it a try.


  • I am looking for hotels with a swimmingpool but cannot find them. There are no swimmingpools on Flores?

Yes there are but mainly in Labuan Bajo. In other places there ar hardly hotels with a swimmingpool. There is one in Larantuka (ASA), there are a few in/near Maumere including Budi Sun, Capa Resort, Coconut Resort, FX72, Go Hotel and Sylvia.
In other places there are no hotels with a swimmingpool.

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                                                                Sunrice hotel near Ruteng


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