FAQ'S                                                      CAR AND DRIVER




  • Where can I find a driver?

Drivers are available on all airports: Larantuka, Maumere, Ende, Bajawa, Ruteng and Labuan Bajo. However, not all of them speak English and not all of them are in the tourist scene.

I can help you to find a driver. Just send me an email.


  • What does a car with driver cost on Flores.

Agents and drivers have different systems. Below what you can expect.

-Rp 500.000 to Rp 600.000 for one day within town

-Rp 700.000 to Rp 900.000 per day for an overland tour; some drivers ad an extra fee for guiding and/or empty leg, sometimes with a minimum of 4 or 5 days

-trips from A to B and from 1 to 3 days are sometimes extra charged and/or with a (double) empty leg.


  • What is included in the price?

Unless offered otherwise the following is included:
car, driver and petrol, and also accommodation and meals for the driver in case of an overland trip.


  • Why are carprices on Flores higher than on Bali­?

Check this part of the website, about halfway the page in yellow https://www.travel2flores.info/planning/transport/ HOW TO… (please read this if you want to hire a car with driver)


  • Which kind of cars are available?

Most of the cars are Toyota Innova or Avanza, sometimes other brands like Mitsubishi  and Isuzu but some models are for the Asian market only and less known in  other continents. Minibuses and some larger, but still small buses are avalaible as well.


  • Can I find a driver on the airport?

Yes you can. See Q&A 1


  • Do drivers speak English?

Some drivers speak Englisch quite good, some just a little bit. But, this is also a part of the adventure and the charm of Flores.


  • How long in advance do I need to book a car with driver?

Flores is getting more popular but cars and drivers are more available as well. For the months July and August it is wise to book ahead, 3 to 4 months before.


  • Do I need to pay a desposit in advance?

Some drivers ask a deposit. In my opinion if you hire a car directly from the driver there is no need to pay a deposit in advance. Travelers are not protected in case of any problem. It should be like a gentlemens agreement.


  • How do I pay the driver?

You can agree this with your driver. Usually you can pay for the car in cash or for example via Western Union, but sometimes there are questions from Western Union which can feel uncomfortable. You also can pay by internetbanking but usually some steep costs are involved and it can take a few days. I recommend cash and on the spot. You could pay a part of the amount before departure, or halfway. Just as you agree with the driver.