The area southeast of Labuan Bajo is dense forest with Mount Mbeliling as the highest peak. This area is also known for its native bird species. However, there are also other places for birdspotting.

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is a website for birdwatching allover Indonesia including Flores.

if you are looking for a specialist for birdwatching on Flores only get in touch with Max Wago.

Mr. Max is from Langa, a village near Bajawa, central Flores. He started to learn about birds since he was a kid and expanded his knowledge allover the island. Today he is working together with organizations all over the world and he is a real bird specialist. Some time ago we had a chat in Bajawa. Well, no chance to interfere since he was telling stories with enthousiasm non stop about his job as a birdwatching guide. To be honest, I don't have a clue about birds, but Mr. Max has. Below his website where you also can book or contact him.

Flores Flowerpecker
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