To fall to the point: most hotels on Flores are not of the international standard and many of them are not on hotel bookingsites, however it is becoming better these days. Outside Labuan Bajo many hotels are basic and simple but nowadays most of them have hot water which is a basic need in mountain villages where mornings, thus water can be very cold - 15 years ago we still had to struggle with a bucket of hot water heated for guests by the hotelstaff. 

For the months June, July, August and September, during Christmas/New Year and the week before and after Idul Fitri it is wise to book in ahead. Rates as published below change from time to time and are not always according to what you get.


You can try to book via one of these sites.

Booking.com Nusa Tenggara  

Traveloka and Nusatrip are Indonesian based and have sometimes more options for booking hotels on Flores than other sites.

Traveloka (English) (also for flights)

Nusatrip (English) (also for flights)


If you cannot book via bookingsites or the hotel or room of your choice is full try to make a reservation via email, however sometimes communication via email is slow (you have to wait for a few days or you don’t get an answer at all). Better is to communicate via a mobile number (if available) with sms or even better via Whats App, Line or Messenger so communication will be quicker and more interactive.
Some of the hotels and guesthouses have a page on Facebook or 
Instagram, so you also can contact them via these social media. 


Finally, it is not easy to recommend a hotel as standards and facility wishes for everyone are different. Personally I like a hotel that is not too big and where I can sit in front of the room in a nice garden. WiFi, aircon (except in mountain areas) and clean is a must also. I pay an average of Rp 400.000 for a room on Flores. In places like Labuan Bajo, Bawaja and Moni prices sometimes increase in the tourist season. The semana santa in Larantuka, the week before Easter you need to book at least 6 months in advance and expect to pay a lot more than published rates.


In the photo sector you will find a few pics of hotels. To avoid misunderstandings: there is no benefit in relation to these photo’s. It is just to give you an idea what kind of accomodation is available on Flores.


I selected around 110 hotels for you here below in alphabetical order of towns and villages. The list is not complete. Although checked by myself if possible the information is not always complete or up to date. Rates, telephone numbers and email adresses can change.

Aimere (Ngada)


Aimere is useful for the crossing with ASDP to Waingapu on Sumba (on Friday, departure 08:00 am, 9 hours) or if you come back from your Belaraghi trekking. Aimere is 1 hour drive from Bajawa on the south coast. There are a few places to stay in case you get stuck or just want to stay at the beach, however the cool nights in Bajawa are only an hour away. There is also a guesthouse 7 kilometers further west in Wae Lengga (Manggarai Timur)


Aryanth Homestay
On the right side of the road when coming from Ruteng just before Aimere village.
A spacious place at the black sand beach with 16 wooden bungalowrooms in a nice garden plus a restaurant. Rooms are with aircon between Rp 350.000 and Rp 400.000.

Email: homestay.aryanthlegelapu@gmail.com

Tel. +62 81235199006

Gemo Beach Cottages

A good place in Aimere right at the beach in a nice garden. 

Rooms come with fan and start at Rp 250.000 - Rp 350.000.
+62 82236216781


Hotel Sinar Harapan

Basic hotel, used by locals and in case everything is full in Bajawa

Bajawa (Ngada)


The capital of Ngada situated in the mountains is a nice place to spend a few (cool) nights. In the area are many traditional villages. From June to September finding a vacant room can be difficult. Book in advance. 


Arnolds Family Homestay

Two rooms in the middle of Bajawa town. Arnold is also a guide so you are in good hands during your stay. Price Rp 270.000 via Booking.com

Tel +62 82145053800 (Arnold, mobile WhatsApp)


Bajawa Roo Hotel

This relative new hotel (april 2017) is on the outskirts of Bajawa perched against the hill. The large rooms on the first floor are the nicest with seats in front of your room and views on Ebulobo volcano. It is a 10 minute walk to the centre of town or 20 minutes to the tourist area (eg tourist resto's). Bookings can be made via Booking.com, via email or telephone. As it is one of the few hotels which can be booked via Booking.com the hotel is full very often. Best choice in Bajawa.

Tel +62 813 38639607 (Moses, mobile)


Christian (Kristian) Homestay

A few rooms in an alley not far from the "touriststrip" also to be booked via Booking.com

Tel +62 81339480142


Cinnamon Guesthouse

Brandnew (April 2018)

Good sized and clean rooms in the middle of the "touristscene". Four rooms with attached bathroom for Rp 250.000 and  three rooms with shared bathroom for

Rp 150.000. To be booked via Booking.com or Traveloka.com.

Good deal, very caring owner, Yohanes "om Vian" and the best banana pancakes ever, even if your never eat banana pancakes. Photo.

Tel +62 85237934918 (Yohanes, mobile WhatsApp)


Edelweis Hotel

One of the first hotels in Bajawa which has been expanded and renovated. Many roomtypes and rates. The hotel is also popular with groups. Double rooms vary from Rp 200.000 to Rp 375.000.

Tel +62 384 21345 (landline) +62 813 38456444 and +62 813 32115008 (mobiles)

Email: ivan_bth@yahoo.com


Elisabeth Hotel

This hotel often has rooms available when others on the mainstreet are full.

Tel +62 384 21223 (landline)


Hotel Ariesta

Tel +62 384 21292 (landline)


Hotel Bintang Wisata photo

More ore less adequate hotel. Roomrates will be around Rp 350.000

Tel +62 384 21744 (landline)


Hotel Dewandaru

This new hotel (2018) has clean rooms, good beds and it outside the town centre. rates start at Rp 350.000.

Tel +62 81339332665 (mobile/Whats App)


Hotel Edelweis 2

This is the second and smaller edition of Edelweis hotel on the mainstreet (about 300 meters). More cosy and homestay like. Take the room on the second floor for more privacy and less cold than the rooms on the first floor. Rp 350.000.

Tel +62 812 37254069 (mobile)

Email: hoteledelweis2@gmail.com


Hotel Happy Happy photo
One of the newer and small hotels in Bajawa.
Rates Rp 400.000 - Rp 450.000

Tel +62 384 21763 (landline) +62 853 33704455 (mobile)

Email: hotel.happy.happy@gmail.com

Website: www.hotelhappyhappy.com


Hotel Joni

Tel +62 384 21079 (landline)


Hotel Kembang

Tel +62 384 21072 (landline)


Korina Hotel

Rates Rp 350.00/Rp 450.000. Good Superior rooms.

Tel +62 38421162 (landline) and +62 812 39415384 (mobile, ibu Mariana)


Marselino Bacpacker's Room

Located in the same alley as Christian/Kristian Homestay. With Rp 200.000 very cheap for Flores. Marselino is a nice host and takes good care of his guests, also prepares a meal every now and then.
Tel +62 85239131331


Madja Edelweis Homestay
Also located at the hotelarea. Different types of rooms. 



Sabrina Rest & Living
This new place is located at the outskirts of Bajawa in the south east in a quiet area. So you need your own wheels. There are several types of rooms in the midrange rate.
Tel +62 81338039239

Sanian Hotel

One of the new hotels in Bajawa.
Rates: Standard Rp 350.000/VIP II Rp 450.0000/VIP I Rp 550.000

Tel +62 384 21777 (landline) and +62 812 49592877 (mobile)

Email: sanian_hotel@yahoo.co.id

Website: www.sanianhotelbajawa.com


Wisma Nusantara 2

Very basic hotel. Rates Rp 200.000 and up

Tel +62 813 15144438 and +62 813 39238860 (mobiles)

Email: Elisabeth.novi21@gmaill.com


Wisma Anggrek

Tel +62 384 21172 (landline)


Wisma Virgo

Tel +62 384 21061 (landline)


Outside Bajawa


Lodge Wolokoro Ecotourism

A nice place 25 minutes from Bajawa on the road Bajawa-Aimere. Two lodges plus a restaurant. As the lodge is on the west side of the Inerie volcano and the traditional villages on the eastern side it takes quite some time to get there (75 minutes). So planning your route may be essential. Although not that long on Booking.com reviews are excellent. Rates are Rp 350.000, and also can be booked via Booking.com

Website: Wolokoro website
Tel +62 82110630520 (mobile, WhatsApp)


Manulalu Bed & Breakfast

This small hotel is on the road near Bena and 40 minutes from Bajawa. A welcoming and artistique interior and an amazing view (if there are no clouds) and 10 minutes by car from Bena traditional village. Reviews from guests vary. Rates start from Rp 650.000, to be booked via several booking sites.

Tel +62 81251820885 (mobile)

Email: villamanulalu@gmail.com


Manulalu Jungle
Under the same management and not far from the b&b. For those who prefer luxurury however rather expensive for Flores standards.
Can be booked via Booking.com

Tel. +6281239805882, +6282144774417 (mobile)

Email: villamanulalu@gmail.com


Villa Silverin

This hotel is outside Bajawa on the road to Ende. In fact the accommodation itself is a bit rundown but the attraction is the amazing view on gunung Inerie.

Tel +62 384 2223865 (landline) and +62 852 53453298 (mobile)

Belaraghi (traditional village)


You can stay in the village of Belaraghi for Rp 250.000 pp. You will stay with local people and you will be offered a ceremony according to local tradition. Belaraghi can be reached via the mainroad in Aimere in 20 minutes. Or from Bajawa (trekking for about 7 to 8 hours). Reservations can be done through your driver or your guide. There is also a possibility to hike down to Paukate after your visit and enjoy the savanna landscape with the Inerie volcano on your left and the Savusea in front of you. The hike will take an hour or so and your driver will pick you up there.

Boawae (Nagekeo)


Boawae is the base for climbing Mount Ebulobo. The small town has a few very basic guesthouses.


Hotel Sa’o Asih

Tel +62 813 39474289



Wisma Nusa Bunga

The best but basic option in Boawae. Rp 150.000

Tel +62 813 39749690 and +62 852 53175025 (mobiles)

Detusoko (Ende)


Wisma Santo Fransiskus

Staying with the nuns. This hotel is in fact a monastery, 33 kilometers from Moni (Kelimutu). Unfortunately it is not the best option in the area, but you may spend the night here when everything in Moni is full.

Rates Rp 125.000 per person including 3 meals

Tel +62 813 14350522 (mobile)

Ende (Ende)


Berlian Hotel

Brandnew (March 2018) and convenient located at Jalan Kelimutu near shops and eateries. Photo

Rates start at Rp 275.000 for a good sized room with aircon and bathroom. Room no 202 is comfortable for Rp 400.000. Also to be booked via Booking.com but when booked directly often cheaper.

Email: berlian.hotel.ende@gmail.com

Tel +62 381 2500125 (landline) and +62 81353390308 (mobile)


Dasi Guesthouse
Rates Rp 350.000
Tel +62 381 2627049 (landline) +62 85218638432 (mobile)

Email: yosdam@yahoo.co.id


Flores Passport House

Rate Rp 450.000 and Rp 550.000. a new hotel which can be booked via Booking.com and Air BNB

Tel +62 381 22434 (landline) and +62 81298988375 (mobile, WhatsApp only)

Email: florespassporthouse@gmail.com 



Rates  Rp 300.000

Tel  +62 38321709 (landline) and +62 82145656521 and +62 81246383866 (mobile)


Grand Wisata Hotel

The biggest and most expensive hotel in Ende.

Rates: Standard Rp 550.000, Superior Rp 660.000, Deluxe Rp 770.000.

Tel +62 381 22974/24010 (landlines)

Email: grandwisataende@gmail.com

Website: http://www.grandwisatahotel-ende.com/


Hotel Safari

One of the first hotels in Ende close to the airport.

Tel +62 381 21997 and +62 381 22453 (landlines)

Email: safari.hotel@ymail.com


Harrison Hotel (RedDoorz)

A new hotel in Ende (mid 2019located at Jalan Kelimutu, so very convenient near shops and eateries.

Rates Rp 350.000 for a standard room, Rp 400.000 for a VIP room and Rp 450.000 for a superior room.

Email: harrisonhotel@yahoo.com

Tel +62 381 2500717 (landline) and +62 82145379126 (mobile)


Hotel Ikhlas

Next to Hotel Safari and the same quality.

Tel +62 381 21695 (landline)


Hotel Dwi Putra

Tel +62381 21685 and +62381 24029 (landlines)

Tel +62 813 39005008 and +62 821 45005999 (mobiles)

Email: dwiputra.hotel@gmail.com


Hotel Mentari

Rates: Standard double room Rp. 300.000, Superior double room Rp. 400.000, Deluxe

Rp 450.000. All prices are including breakfast in the restaurant on top op the hotel on a hill overlooking the bay of Ende.

Tel +62 381 22082 (landline)


Hotel Satar Mese

Tel +62 381 22289 (landline)


Hotel Syifa

Basic hotel on the mainroad. Rates: Rp 185.000-Rp 300.000

Tel +6281237468579 and +62812 59003219 (mobile)
Email: hotelsyifa03@gmail.com


J Hotel
New, simple and clean.

Rates Rp 275.000/Rp 295.000 for a room with aircon.

Tel +62 38122799 and +62 82247448474 (mobile)

Email: jhotel253@gmailcom

King Hotel

Rates: Rp 200.00-Rp250.000


LCR hotel 
The best bet 
in town, fairly new in a quiet area. Good rooms with a decent shower and aircon. The hotel also provides a car with driver which can be hired by the hour.
Rooms start around Rp 385.00
Tel +62 8113821140 (mobile)


Pondok Batu Hijau

A place to relax in front of the blue stone beach about 45 minutes from Ende. There are 4 simple guesthouses to spend the night for Rp 250.000.

Tel +62 82143194099  (mobile), ibu Nonie

Koka Beach (Sikka)


On and nearby Koka Beach (southcoast Sikka) are a few simple but clean bamboo homestays.

Blasius (Woda) Homestay right on the beach has rooms for Rp 250.000. Outside the weekends the beach is empty (and the homestays as well).

Tel +62 82157392912 (mobile)

Labuan Bajo (Manggarai Barat)


Labuan Bajo has the most hotels in Flores - I guess around 300 or so including all the simple penginapan - and it seems almost every month there is a new one so the list below is not complete. Some of them can be booked via hotelbookingsites. There is a lot of choice for every budget. Summer can be very crowded so book in advance.

Tip: many names of hotels and guesthouses in Labuan Bajo are more or less similar and often the have “Labuan Bajo or "komodo” in their name, don’t mix them up.


Bajo Beach Hotel photo

Simple but adequate budget hotel in centre of town close to shops, harbour and pasar kuliner (nightmarket). Rooms are not too big and you can choose wether you want aircon or not.

Rates: incl aircon Rp 300.000.

Tel +62 385 41008 (landline)


Bintang Flores Hotel ****

A luxury hotel at Pede Beach which is outside the centre of Labuan Bajo.

Rates start at Rp 1.600.000 if you book directly at the hotel. Better to book via Booking.com which is much cheaper.

Tel +62 361 8465720 (landline)

Website: http://bintangfloreshotel.com/


Chez Felix

Budgethotel uphill in centre of town, poorly maintained but views are great.

Rates around Rp 350.000 and difficult to book via bookingsites.

Tel +62 385 41032 (landline)


East Marina Guesthouse

A new guesthouse near Pede Beach and in a quiet area.

Rooms start at Rp 450.000. Bookings via Traveloka or Agoda

Tel +62 385 2440463


Eco Tree Otel

Nice hotel along the seaside in central labuan Bajo.

Rates start from Rp 560.000 for a superior roomTel +62 385 41561 (landline) and +62 812 46814655 (mobile)

Email: info@ecotreeotel.com

Website: https://ecotreeotel.com/


Golo Hilltop Hotel

As the name suggest the hotel is on a hilltop overlooking the sea. Nice, clean and cozy run by two Dutch women.

Rates start from R 450.000 with aircon.

Tel +62 385 41337 (landline) and +62 813 39255535 (mobile) 

Email: golohilltophotel@gmail.com

Website: http://www.golohilltop.com/


Green Prundi Hotel

Rates start at Rp 350.000

Tel +62 385 41623 (landline) and +62 853 33069931 (mobile)

Email: greenprundihotel@gmail.com


Hotel Gardena photo

This hotel on the mainstreet is one of the oldies in Labuan Bajo. It has a great location (if not the best) as all rooms are located on the hill overlooking the bay of Labuan Bajo. You can choose between bamboo bungalows, cute but basic and fan only starting at Rp 154.000 or one of the airconrooms starting at Rp 420.000. In summer prices are higher. Gardena also owns a resort on pulau Seraya.

Tel +62 813 39495244 (mobile)

Website: http://www.gardenaflores.com/


Hotel Surya photo

Another basic hotel close to Chez Felix.

Rates around Rp 300.000

Tel +62 852 37448000 (mobile)


Hotel Wisata

In centre of town, simple but clean.

Tel +62 385 41020 (landline)


Komodo Boutique Hotel

Nice and quiet motel like hotel but a bit far of the action. However, the hotelstaff provides free transport to/from the towncentre. On the other hand, you are not in the middle of all the projects on the main street and around. Recommended.
Rate Rp 525.000 for a nice and clean room with aircon an terrace overlooking a garden. Can be booked via Booking.com


Komodo Lodge

Nice gardenhotel not far from the harbour and pasar kuliner. Rates start at Rp 450.000

Tel +62 385 41377 (landline)

Email: komodolodge@gmail.com


L Bajo Hotel

Large middle class hotel in the centre of town. Roomrates start at Rp 150.000 for a room with fan, an aircon room is Rp 275.000.

Tel +62 385 42151 (landline)


Puri Sari Beach Hotel

Excellent and luxurious hotel at Pede Beach.

Rates start at Rp 950.000

Tel +62 385 2443710 and +62 385 2443720 (landlines)

Tel +62 813 39898167 (mobile)

Email: booking@purisaribeachhotel.net - 

Website: http://www.purisaribeachhotel.net/reservation


Sky Tower Hotel

Brandnew (2019) on jalan Soekarno Hatta in the middle of the towncentre. Rates start at Rp 425.000. Via Booking.com and Traveloka.com

Tel +62 8138382-6900 (mobile)


Sylvia Resort Komodo

Top end middle class (with sister hotels in Maumere and Kupang)

Rates start at Rp 700.000

Tel +62 813 53567567 and +62 0812 39265392 (mobiles)

Email: sylviaresortkomodo@gmail.com


Islands west and north of Labuan Bajo

There are a few resorts and guesthouses on the islands off the coast Labuan Bajo.


Pulau Bidadari (Angel island)

On Angel island is a very luxurious resort starting at 268 a night. To be booked via Booking.com

Email: info@angelisleflores.com

Website: http://www.angelisleflores.com/


Pulau Kanawa

Kanawa Beach Bungalows

The accommodation seems to be in so so condition.

Tel +62 813 53027256

Email: info@kanawaislandresort.com


Pulau Komodo

There ís accomodation on Komodo island but obviously not bookable and reserved for special visitors. Stay in Labuan Bajo or overnight at the boat.

Tel. +62 385 41005


Pulau Rinca

There is basic accommodation in Loh Buaya, the settlement where people start their visit of trek on Rinca. However, most people spend the night on the boat (or return to Labuan Bajo the same day).


Pulau Seraya

Seraya island Resort (bookings via Gardena Hotel, Labuan Bajo). For rates (including boattrip to/from the island) and reservations contact Gardena Hotel in Labuan Bajo.

Tel +62 813 39495244 (mobile)

Larantuka (Flores Timur)


If you come to Larantuka for the semana santa, the week before Easter keep in mind to book in advance as far as possible and reconfirm frequently as Larantuka will be full. The alternative is to stay in Maumere at that time.


Asa hotel photo

Between the airport and (the best there is in) town. Two stories at the with a fence enclosed beach, good size rooms with aircon and tv, nice garden,  swimmingpool, free WiFi , good breakfast. Advisable to book in advance as the hotel is mainly used as a business hotel and often fully booked.


Deluxe double and Deluxe twin Rp 484.000, aircon on groundfloor, terrace in front of the room or first floor with balcony.

Boatroom Rp 453.750

Standard room Rp 363.000

VIP room Rp 968.000

Tel +62 383 2325018 (landline) and Tel +62 821 44273320 (mobile WhatsApp)

Email: asahotel.larantuka@gmail.com

Website: http://asahotel-larantuka.com/


Flores Cottage

Simple and basic. Rates: Rp 390.000, aircon on groundfloor, terrace in front of the room

Tel +62 383 22158 (landline)

Email: mikeas02@gmail.com


Fortuna Hotel I/II

Simple and basic.

Tel +62 383 21140  and +62 383 21383 (landlines)


Hotel Gelekat Nara

In towncentre opposite Pelnioffice. Brand new (may 2016). Rooms are a bit small but ok. Clean. Bathroom the Indonesian way (squat toilet). Good option if Asa or Sunrise is full and/or you want to stay in the centre of town.

Rates start at Rp 300.000 (double, aircon)

Tel +62 383 2170 (landline) and +62 821 45656521 (mobile)


Hotel Lestari

Simple and basic.

Rates: Rp 250.000/Rp 300.000, aircon on groundfloor, terrace in front of the room

Tel +62 383 2325517 (landline)


Hotel Pelangi

Simple and basic. Rates Rp 250.000 and up.


Hotel Tresna

Similar to Pelangi

Tel +62 383 21072 (landline) and +62 81281880123 (mobile)


Larantuka Beach Apartments

A few kilometers out of town right on the beach and  in front of Adonara island you will find a cosy place with some wonderful accomodation. You can choose between a boathouse, beach bungalow or a beach house for you and your relatives. Bookings can be made by Booking.com or directly via email of telephone.

Prices start at Rp 350.000 for the boathouse. The bungalow is Rp 500.000 when booked directly. It is also the one and only divingcentre in Larantuka. Englishman Christopher was an experienced diver and a wonderful person with entertainment qualities as he knew so much about the region - he has passed away in September 2019 - his wife Maria takes care of the guests.

You can hire a boat for Rp 400.000 a day.

Tel +62 812 38265501 (mobile)

Website: https://larantukabeachapartments.wordpress.com/


Sunrise Resort

One hundred metres north from Asa, at the seafront. Bungalows set in a nice garden all on the groundfloor.

Rates are not clear.  Count on Rp 300.000 to Rp 400.000

Tel +62 383 2325010 (landline) and +62 812 30406645 (mobile)


Susteran Weri (outside larantuka)

No further information available.

Maumere (Sikka)


Amrita Maumere Resort

A bungalowstyle resort east of Maumere on the road to Larantuka.  The nice bungalows can be booked via Booking.com. Rates start at Rp 600.000.

Tel +62 382 2425211 (landline)Tel +62 82247726764, +62 82237792682 WhatsApp (mobiles)

Email : info@amritamaumere.com


Budi Sun Resort

On the beach out of town on the road to larantuka. Similar to Sea World but cheaper. To be booked via Booking.com. Rates Rp 300.000-Rp 400.000.


Capa Resort Maumere

Very luxurious resort out of town on the road to Larantuka.

Rates: prices directly booked at the hotel start at Rp 955.000 but outside holidays and weekends you will get discount. But even better to book via Booking.com

Tel +62 382 2425000 and 62 382 2425111 (landline) and + 62 821 88836909

Email : info@capamaumere.com

Website: http://capamaumere.com/


Coconut Garden Beach Resort

Rates: Rp 450.000 for a "backpacker" room, bathroom outside.  In the beautiful garden are 4 bungalows that are creatively decorated, however with Rp 1.250.000/a night prices are too high.

Tel +62 821 44260185 (mobile)

Email : letsgoto.flores@yahoo.com

Website: http://coconutgardenbeachresort.com (difficult to navigate)


Gading Beach

Out of town along the beach to the west on the road to Magepanda


Go Hotel

Brandnew hotel (2018) near Roxy Supermarket on Jalan Don Thomas. Rates start at Rp 395.000 for a good sized room with aircon, locker, tv. At this time the best there is in Maumere. To be booked via Traveloka.com

Tel +62 382 21228 (landline)

Email : david_lg22@yahoo.com


Hotel Eltari Indah

Simple hotel.

Rooms with aircon around Rp 300.000. Some aircons are right above the bed. Room V6 is the best option.

Tel + 62 382 2426686 (landline) and +62 811 3838999 (mobile)


Hotel Gardena

This basic hotel in the centre of town has seen its best days


Hotel Pelita

A middleclass businesshotel on the way Larantuka. Tio be booked via Traveloka.com


Hotel Sylvia

At the moment the second best in the towncentre of Maumere. Not as nice as Sylvia in Kupang but ok. Sylvia is populair and bookable via Booking.com and often sold out. Book in advance if possible, Rates: Rp 385.000 (Superior), Rp 500.000 (De Luxe)

Tel +62 382 21829 (landline)

Email: sylviahotelmaumere@gmail.com

Website: http://www.sylviahotelmaumere.com/


Hotel Wini Rai

A basic hotel in the towncentre

Tel +62 382 21388 (landline) and +62 821 44760004 (mobile)


Lokaria Indah Beach

A motellike hotel just outside Maumere on the road to Larantuka. Prices start at Rp 300.000, also to be booked via Booking.com

Tel +62 811-3813-272 (mobile)


Sea World Club (Pondok Dunia Laut)

Resort 13 kilometers from Maumere on the road to Larantuka Rates Rp 600.000 for a bungalow with gardenview

Tel +62 382 21570 (landline)

Email: seaworldclub@gmx.net

Mbay (Nagekeo)


Hotel Pepita photo
A brand new Bali-like hotel on the outskirts of Mbay (on the road to Aegela/Ende) since May 2017. 

Standard room is Rp 335.000. De Luxe twin for Rp 390.000 or a De Luxe King, double bed for Rp 445.000.

There are a few other very huge rooms, Executive Room Rp 555.000

Executive Suite Rp 615.000 and De Luxe Suite Rp 725.000. WiFi is sometimes avaliable.

To be booked via https://www.traveloka.com/en/hotel

Tel +62 82188846294  (WhatsApp) and tel +62 82145112605 (mobiles)


Hotel Sinar Kasih

This should be the best option in Mbay with facilities such as aircon and WiFi. However, Wifi is almost not possible as the signal is very low (whitin 5 days I only could use the internet a couple of times). Aircon is poor and as it is hot in Mbay you will still sweat from time to time in your room. Water is also a problem.

Rate Rp 350.000 for an aircon room with tv

Tel +62 812 37903164  and tel +62 852 38872674 (mobiles)


Hotel Utama

A new hotel (january 2016) at the edge of town on the road to Maumere. Rooms look good. VIP with ac and tv for Rp 300.000/Rp 350.000. No WiFi.

They have a huge list of "don'ts" and "dilarang" like no alcohol in the room and no unmarried couples in one room. This is the best hotel in Mbay.

Tel + 62 812 36201070 (mobile)


Samudera Hotel photo

Samudera is nice and cosy but simple. The shower is a typical Indonesian kamar mandi. Cold water only  (but you don't need hot water in Mbay). No WiFi
Rates for an aircon room are Rp 250.000 with a double and single.

Tel +62 813 53862005 and tel +62 821 45058653


Santalum Hotel

The only hotel with a pool in Mbay. Prices start at around Rp 210.000 for a room with fan. Airconrooms are Rp 485.000. Wifi.

To be booked via Traveloka.com
Tel  +62 82237267397 (mobile)

Moni (Ende)


In Moni most of the accomodation are guesthouses and homestays with a few rooms only. You don't need aircon as nights are cold. Most of the rooms have hot water. For the months June - September book in advance and be aware of sometimes high prices in July and August. However, every year new guesthouses are built in Moni. So the list here below is not complete, maybe there are a dozen more of them.

In case on the internet websites your choice is fully booked there is a chance you still can book you room directly, as many of the hotelowners do not put all of their rooms on the internet. And, if everything is really full the alternative is 45 minutes west in Detusoko or maybe even stay in Ende, 1,5 hours from Moni. But these days there are so many choices that this probably won't happen.

Prices for rooms are often not clear and seem to go up and down. In my opinion most homestays, guesthouses or lodges should be no more than Rp 400.000. These high room prices seem to be a Moni, Riung and sometimes a Bajawa thing.


Angi Lodge

New homestay (2015) with two rooms and the third one in progress. Rates are not clear. The normal price is Rp 350.000 but for the months of July and August prices can be double or more. Maybe less if you book direct at the hotel. for al long time. Can be booked via Booking.com.

Tel +62 813 53177155 (mobile/Whats App)


Antoneri Lodge

Guesthouse on the road to Ende-Maumere. Rate Rp 250.000. Also via Booking.com

Email: willylokawoda@yahoo.com


Arwanty Home Stay

Tel +62 812 36873333/+62 821 44983968 (mobile)

Email: rarwanty@yahoo.com


Bintang Bungalow Tour & Travel

This hotel is next to Bintang Lodge which can be very confusing.

Double rooms are Rp 250.000 to Rp 400.000.

To be booked via different bookingsites like Booking.com, Traveloka.com and Agoda.com


Bintang Lodge

This hotel has nice accomodation and is clear about prices.

Double rooms are Rp 449.000, a tripleroom for Rp 650.000 and a family room for Rp 800.000. The only drawback is that they have quite steep stairs. Check their website.

Website: http://www.bintang-lodge.com/Welcome.html


Christin Lodge

This small hotel has 4 decent rooms in a white house. Rates Rp 300.000
(Via Traveloka. com)


Daniel Lodge

Another nice homestay on the mainroad. Rate Rp 350.000 (via Traveloka.com)


Estevania Lodge

This lodge is one of the best places in Moni. Rates start at Rp 400,000 to Rp 500.000

Tel +62 821 47995023 and tel +62 823 7915480 (mobiles)

Email: estevanialodge@gmail.com


Farila Kelimutu Lodge

New in 2019. Rate around Rp 250.000. To be booked via Booking.com

Gecko's Homestay
A very popular and one of the best accomodat
ions a few kilometers outside Moni. Bookings can be made via Booking.com
Tel. +62 81238559311


Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge

The largest (21 rooms) and best there is in Moni, but also out of the village.


Standard room single Rp 900.000

Standard room double or twin Rp 960.000

Bungalow single room Rp 900.000/Rp 1.140.000

Bungalow double or twin room Rp 1.020.000/Rp 1.200.000

Family room Rp 2.280.000

for a standard room. Also via Booking.com

Tel +62 361 722775 and +62 361 4719383 (landlines)

Email: reservation@ecolodgesindonesia.com

Website: http://www.ecolodgesindonesia.com


Lucky Guesthouse

New, and under the same management as Mahoni Guesthouse. Also the same price, Rp 350.000. Good choice. Friendly and clean.

Via Booking.com


Mahoni Guesthouse

Good choice. Friendly and clean. There are four rooms for Rp 350.000.

Via Booking.com

Tel +62 813 72123313 (Galank, mobile/Whats App)


Moni Ricefield Guesthouse

I saw this guesthouse on the way from Maumere to Ende which looked great but untill now I didn't found any further information.


Palm Bungalow

Small and simple bungalows set in a ricefield. Tel +62 812 27320223 (mobile)



Pondok Wisata Hidaya

Overlooking the valley with fantastic views. Owner Brian also can arrange a motorbike or transport to Maumere, Ende or Bajawa. Rate Rp 300.000

Tel +62 853 39011310 (mobile)

Email: briandanros@gmail.com


Pondok Wisata Silvester

Another mainstreet guesthouse near Estevania. Rates around Rp 400.000. To be booked via Traveloka.com


The Geckos Homestay
Outside the village on a quiet road.
Check out their Facebook page The Geckos Homestay | Facebook


Nggorang (Manggarai Barat)

Nggorang is one hour from Labuan Bajo, close to the junction to Cunca Wulang.
Mbleling Mountain Ecolodge is a good choice when you don't want to stay in busy Labuan Bajo and more close to the nature like Sano Nggoang lake.

Reo (Manggarai)


There are a few basic hotels in Reo. You could stay here when coming from Riung or Pota via the northcoast. Ruteng which is 2 hours away has more accomodation.


Iffah Hotel on the mainroad Ruteng-Reo has rooms starting at Rp 150.000.

Tel +62 81333090599 (mobile) 


Paradiso hotel a but further towards the centre on the road Ruteng-Reo has better rooms starting at Rp 200.000

Tel +62 81238325400 (mobile)

Riung (Ngada)


Hotel Bintang Wisata  photo

This hotel has motelstylerooms in a garden.

Rates for a doubleroom Rp 300.000/Rp 350.000

Tel +62 812 46130831 and +62 813 38963187 (mobiles)

Email: b.wisata@yahoo.co.id


Nirvana Bungalow photo

Nirvana offers 8 separate bungalows in a nice garden.

Rates 2019: double Rp 350,000, triple Rp 475.000, family Rp 600.000.
Double with hot water Rp 450.000, triple with hot water Rp 550.000. They also can arrange a private boat to the national park for you.

Tel +62 813 37106007 (mobile WhatsApp) and +62 813 38528529 and +62 813 53178090 (mobiles) 

Email: oetamtam@yahoo.com (email answered quickly and adequate)

Website: Nirvana Bungalows


Plankton Cafe & Guesthouse

This guesthouse has a new tenant and is not available for anymore for ordinary guest but a homestay for people who want to help with one of the projects of the new tenant like cleaning up the beaches of the marinepark.


Pondok SVD Riung

Rates: Double room Rp 350.000/VIP Rp 400.000

Tel +62 813 39341572

Email: pondok.svd2@gmail.com


Riung Guesthouse

Three rooms around a small garden. To be booked via Booking.com

Roomrate Rp 360.000 


Sangrila Bungalows

Small, simple and new and close to the harbour.

Rates: Rp 400.000 double room

Tel. +62 813 385510543 and +62 813 53882177 (mobiles)

Ruteng (Manggarai)


Dahlia Hotel

An old and not so well maintained hotel close to the market and shops.

Rates start at Rp 200.000

Tel +62 385 21377 (landline

Tel +62 852 53924553 and + 62 812 36969505 (mobiles)


Hotel FX 72 photo

This hotel set in a nice garden is outside the centre with views on ricefields and mountains.

Rates: Rp 300.000/Rp 500.000 (also via Booking.com but more expensive)

Tel +62 822 37556999 (mobile Whats App)


Hotel Rima

A bamboo hut like hotel with many infomation and backpackers.

Rates Rp 150.000-Rp 300.000

Tel +62 385 22196 (landline) and +62 813 79581188 (mobile)

Email: rima_hotel@yahoo.co.id


Maryos Hotel

Rate: Rp 450.000


Revayah Hotel

Brand new (October 2016 a few kilometers before Ruteng (coming from Borong) and one of the best you can get in Ruteng. Rates start at Rp 600.000. (also via Booking.com)

Tel +62 385 22272/22035(landline)

Email: revayahotels@gmail.com


Sindha Hotel

In the towncentre

Rates: Standard Rp 385.000/Rp 475.000/Superior Rp 550.000/De luxe Rp 660.000/Executive Rp 875.000. Roomrates here increase quickly (plus 12% in 4 month). For a standard room you get a better value at Susteran MBC, FX 72 or Rima.

Tel +62 385 21197 and +62 385 2420016 (landlines) and +62 82234239493 (mobile)

Email: sindhahotel@yahoo.com


Sky Flores Hotel (not to be confused with Sky Flores Bungalow which is sharia)

Small and brand new (2018) with decent rooms.

Rates: Rp 200.000/Rp 350.000/Rp 400.000/Rp 500.000

Tel  +62 385 22084 (landline) +62 852 15000909 (mobile, WhatsApp)

Email: skyfloreshotel@gmail.com


Spring Hill Hotel

The most fancy (and most expensive, and best) new hotel set in a beautiful garden with rooms and bungalows in luxury countrystyle, a nice restaurant and a good location. Since the opening in 2017 prices have gone up rapidly.

Rates in 2019 start at Rp 900.000 for a deluxe room. There is also a suite available. To be booked via many websites. Beautiful but overpriced.

Tel +62 385 2420892 (landline) +62 813 39372345 (mobile)

Email: springhillbungalowsruteng@gmail.com


Sunrice Homestay

Outside Ruteng 20 minutes by car between the ricefields. It doesn't get more romantic.
Rates: double Rp 260.000, single Rp 150.000 with shared bathroom including breakfast. Can be booked via Booking.com. Often full.

Owner Jef, who used to be a guide often invites his guests for a traditional dinner and take them for sunrise into the ricefields (that's why the name sunrice).
He also organizes a cooking class. Best price/value in the area.


Susteran Maria Berduka Cita (monastry)

If you want to overnight in a monastry or everything is full this is also a good option in Ruteng. Very clean. You will have breakfast while pope Franciscus keeps an eye on you from the wall. Keep in mind that it's not done to share a room for a non married couple (...)

Rate Rp 350.000

Tel +62 385 22834 (landline) and +62 813 53763129 (mobile WhatsApp)

Tololela (Traditional village)

You can stay in the village of Tololela for Rp 200.000 pp. You will stay with local people and you will be offered a ceremony according to local tradition. (Rp 50.000 extra).
The nicest experience is to hike from Bena village to Tololela through bamboo forest which takes about 1,5 hours. Best is to hire a guide in Bajawa like Uni, Melki or Ryan who can tell you about the unique culture in Ngada district
Tololela is also a nice and less touristic alternative for Wae Rebo.

Wae Lengga (Manggarai Timur)


Guesthouse Leko Lembo

The guesthouse is on the beach 7 kilometers beyond Aimere in a relaxed setting.

From/to Bajawa around 1 hour, 15 minutes. The owners are a Dutch/Flores couple who are also active with projects (on Flores and Sumba) for example to control malaria, building watersources etc. Check also: www.stichtingkarunia.nl

Leko Lembo has a view right opposite Gunung Inerie in Ngada which is across Aimere Bay. It's a tranquil place set in a garden amongst the villagers. Wake up around 5 am to watch the sunrise.

Rate: Rp 350.000 for a double room including breakfast. Meals and drinks are available on request. Also via Booking.com

Tel+ 62 8223 663 9712 (mobile WhatsApp, Jeanette)

Email: LekolemboseasideGH@hotmail.com

Website: http://lekolembo-guesthouse.jouwweb.nl/

Waigete (Sikka)


Waigete is 30 kilometers east of Maumere and a good base to visit the islands north east off the coast. This area is famous for diving and snorkling.

Lena House

Is a welcoming family homestay on the road to Larantuka with rates from Rp 135.000 to Rp 165.000 for a simple but cosy room. They also arrange boat-, dive- and snorklingtrips and they provide motorbikes.

Tel. +62 813 39407733

Email: didakus2003@yahoo.com or didakus@gmail.com

Website: http://lenahouseflores.com/index.html

Wolokoro (Ngada)


On the way from Bajawa to Aimere a few hundred meters off the mainroad and west of the Inerie volcano you will find Wolokoro Ecotourism. The homestay is about 25 minutes from Bajawa and  in a wonderful area with nice views. However, the place is  not in the neighbourhood of traditional villages for which you have to drive at least 1 hour via Bajawa.

But, when unspoiled nature is your goal or everything is full in Bajawa during the peak season this a good choice.

You can book them via Facebook or via a few bookingsites like Agoda.com. They have a few different rooms between Rp 200.000 and Rp 300.000 for a night.

Tel. +62 813 39407733 (WhatsApp)


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