FAQ'S                                              FOOD AND DRINKS



  • What kind of food can I expect on Flores?

The standard Indonesian food like nasi goreng, mie soup and soto ayam are widely available. In every small town you will find the padang restaurants (the ones with the curtains in front) where you can eat rendang and curries. A local dish is ikan kuah, a fishsoup with a fish head.

In Larantuka, Maumere, Ende, Riung and Labuan Bajo you can eat delicious seafood.


  • Where can I eat other dishes than Indonesian?

In Bajawa, Moni and Ruteng are a few so called tourist restaurants where you can order steak, spaghetti and French fries. Labuan Bajo has some more international cuisines and for some reason there are many Italian restaurants.


  • I am a vegetarian. What am I supposed to eat on Flores?

A popular vegetarian dish is gado2, vegetables al dente with a peanut sauce. In padang restaurants you can order tempe or tahu, with vegetables and rice. Fried noodles with vegetables and an egg is also an option. And in Labuan Bajo also pizza’s or pasta’s are served.


  • I am a vegan. What am I supposed to eat on Flores?

To be honest this isn't so easy. When ordering dishes make clear that there is no terasi (fish sauce/seasoning made from shrimps) in your meal. In pancakes are eggs and sweet milk used, so also not possible. When ordering food try to make your wishes clear, not only once but several times so that it is well understood.


  • I am allergic to cow’s milk. How should I explain?

Good news. In Indonesia food is hardly prepared with cow’s milk so the risk is almost zero. If in doubt just tell the waiter:

“saya alergi susu sapi, jadi tolong, jangan pakai susu sapi”


  • I am allergic to peanuts. How should I explain?

And this is the contrary as many dishes are prepared with peanuts. To avoid say:

“saya alergi kacang tanah, jadi tolong, jangan pakai kacang tanah”


  • I am allergic to nuts. How should I explain?

Candlenuts (kemiri) are often used in Indonesian dishes. Tell them:

“saya alergi kacang-kacangan, jadi tolong jangan pakai kimiri dan kacang”


  • I am allergic to fish and seafood. How should I explain?

The fish and seafood is easy to see but many dishes in Indonesia are prepared with terasi, a paste made of shrimps. Don't forget to tell them:

“saya alergi ikan dan makanan laut, jadi tolong jangan pakai terasi"


  • I am allergic to soy. How should I explain?

Tempe and tahu (tofu) are mady of soy. Also kecap (soy sauce) is made of soy. If you don't want any soy please say:

“Saya alergi kedelai, jadi tolong jangan pakai kecap”


  • Can I drink water from the tap?

No, water from the tap is not safe enough. Please buy bottles of mineral water. The brands Aqua and Ruteng are most sold on Flores.


  • Is bottled mineralwater available everywhere?

Yes you can buy mineralwater everywhere on Flores. The most selled brands are Aqua and Ruteng (from Flores)


  • Is buying and drinking alcohol a problem on Flores?

No, not at all. Beer is available everywhere. In Labuan Bajo, Maumere and Ende are real wineshops and and many of the supermarkets in Labuan Bajo who sell (import) liquors. Moke (arrack, made from palmwine) is widely available from farmers and along the street (Aimere, near Labuan Bajo) and also part of the tradition on Flores. And, this has to be said: it is safe!


  • Is arrack sold on Flores safe?

Yes, and no horror stories on Flores like elsewhere in Indonesia like on Java and Bali. Like said, arrack is part of the tradition.


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