Vitamin M is important for the people of Flores and life and traditions are infused with music. Although many performances are not compatible with western taste there is some interesting music. One of Indonesia’s succesfull singers, Ivan Nestorman is from Flores (Ruteng, 18 feb 1967). For those who understand Indonesian here is an interesting article.

Ivan Nestorman


One of our favourites is Nuk Naca Ge. This song is an evergreen in Manggarai language and performed by many singers.

It is about a true love far away. "I am thinking of you, I love you deeply, although you are far away, although we cannot be together..."

This one is performed by Ivan Nestorman.

Video Manggarai - Nuk Naca Ge

MP3 Nuk Naca Ge


“Nuk Naca Ge"


Nuk nacage, tu'ung ta naig e..

Toe holes kole, toe po’e ngoeng

Belot naige..


Yoo nacaa ge..

Eie..i.. somba, somba ta..

Somba landing momang, nacage..

Ide de.. Aram hitu wadan naige

Wada kukut lata, nawag ta..


Ide de.. Nai ge..

Co'o moley, bombang beli naca ga..

                                                                                                               Ivan Nestorman 


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It is not easy to find music on cd, or mp3, even on Flores itself. Last October I have tried to buy some music but without succes. Next time, I hope.

The kampung version with a glass of moke or a Bintang....