Many of the emails I receive are about routes, what to see and tips. But honestly I can't give more tips than those already on my website. People have various interests, time and budget. So you need to do some homework yourself as well.

Tip 1
First of all: read my website and find out what attracts youIn the sections East, Central and West Flores you will find most interesting places on the island. Also read further for more information in the relevant parts (kabupaten) of Flores. 

Tip 2
Do not underestimate traveling times on Flores. Googlemaps might help a bit but is often not the reality, in particular off the Trans Flores Road. It is certainly not the trafficjams (these are in Labuan Bajo onlybut the winding road from east to west with few straight stretches and thousands of (hairpin)bends. Therefore the average speed on the mainroad is 35 kms/hour and lower on all other roads. See also the transport page.

Travel times between the main towns are more or less equal; aeound 4 hours
Labuan Bajo to Ruteng
Ruteng to Bajawa
Bajawa to Ende
Ende to Maumere
Maumere to Larantuka

These 4 hours are non stop and with private car or travel (=shared mini bus or car). A trip from Bajawa to Labuan Bajo for example will easily take 9 hours with your own wheels but 10 to 12 hours when using public transport. 

Tip 3
Car with driver, public transport or motorbike?
With a private car and driver you can see a lot, stop where ever you want and offers flexibilty. But this is also the most expensive option. Read this for more info.
When using public transport you will need more time and you will still need additional transport to take you to the tourist spots. The plus is you get more in contact with the local people. When traveling with a family or a small group the advantage regarding to price may not that high at the end, so when traveling with 4 people or more then also consider a car with driver.
To drive a motorbike in Indonesia you need an international driving license for a motorbike. On Flores there are rentals in the bigger towns but not all of them are legal and those who offer assurance are even less. In places like Bajawa or Moni you can hire a motorbike but no rentals as you can actually only borrow a motorcycle. Bear in mind that most people don't have an insurance, so in case of an accident you will responsible. To my opinion to go overland by motorbike is for the experienced only but you can consider to hire/loan one for the short distances.


Tip 4

Make a rough planning first before booking flights so that you choose the right flights and airports. When doing an overlandtrip it is not convenient to book returnflights to/from Labuan Bajo.


Tip 5
Be aware of national holidays and seasons.
The 3 peaks are the months July and August, the last week of Ramadan and the week after when local people are traveling a lot and the period Christmas/New Year. Plus typical for Flores is the Semana Santa, the week before Easter in Larantuka.

But, I will help you.
So here you go, 26 A to Z schedules for your visit to Flores.

From a very quick 2 day visit up to and including a trip that fits within the maximum number of days of the VOA (visa on arrival). Most schedules exclude Komodo National Park as people spend various time in the park.
For an overlandtrip from Maumere to Labuan Bajo or visa versa I would at least suggest 8 days, more if you want to go off the beaten track, if you want to travel slow.
When you want to travel to the far east, eg Larantuka and surroundings a minimum of 10 days is required/recommended but 12 to 14 days more comfortable.

With 18 days and up (not included Komodo NP) you can explore every corner. Note that all itineraries are with car and driver, also suitable if you travel overland by motorbike. However for public transport travelers this can be an indication. 
Please note that all schedules are examples only! 

Ofcourse you also can compose your own trip.

Check all see's & do's in this section Map & travelsuggestions or 
in the specific regions of 

East Flores

Central Flores 

West Flores
Routes overland with car and driver
(and guide if desired)

See also Map & Travel suggestions


On the sub page you will find some itineraries depending on time you want to spend and your interests including the most important highlights like Komodo National Park, Kelimutu  and the traditional villages around Bajawa.

Note: the trips here below are not yet detailed but they cover the highlights.


When you need help with finding a car with driver please leave a message with:

-dates of travel

-flights (in case already booked)

-rough planning (if there already is one)

-how many people, also adults/children (important when needing a car)

-the amount of luggage

The more information you give me, the better I can help you. Your email will be answered within 48 hours.


Denpasar (Bali), Jakarta, Makassar (Sulawesi) or Kupang (Timor) are the most convenient airports to start your trip to Flores. If you want to combine your holiday with Sulawesi, Sumba, Timor or Alor there are also connections with airports on Flores (check the transport section)


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