Komodo NP: 3 boat accidents in one month only!


On 22 July 2023 Komodo National Park had to face the third accident in one month only!

This was boat accident number 7 of this year., the critical and independent online local newspaper wrote an article (use the translator if needed) about the boat business struggle with also quotes from me after a conversation with one of their reporters.
Yves de Ryckel - a Belgian mentioned in the article and a victim himself in a boating accident (fire) in Komodo NP in January 2023 - has become a kind of activist to bring these problems to the attention of the ministry of tourism and I am trying to help as much as possible.
In the meantime the minister has promised to prioritize the safety. We will see what is going to happen.

All Covid-19 regulations lifted per 9 June 2023


Good news as travelers don't need to be vaccinated anymore, although the government still advises to do so.

Task Force Regulation nr 1 2023
The aviaton branche has been updated as well

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