• What are the highlights of Flores?

The absolute highlights are Komodo National Park (komodo dragons, diving and scenery), Kelimutu National Park and traditional villages.


  • What else to see? What does offer Flores more than Komodo and Kelimutu?

The main attraction of Flores is its pureness. No traffic, endless beauty, nice people. Flores has an unique culture, traditional villages, volcanos to climb, beaches which leave the ones on Bali far behind.

Map and travel suggestions

THINGS TO SEE AND DO FROM EAST TO WEST / The Flores alphabet (roads and places from A to Z)


  • Are the traditional villages worthwhile or (too) touristy?

Wae Rebo and Bena are absolutely the most touristy villages, especially in the months May to September. In Bena the situation is not that sad. And outside these months Wae Rebo is still worthwhile. A good alternative for Wae Rebo is Belaraghi which is between Bajawa and Aimere. Bena village is on the UNESCO waitinglist and therefore the most visited traditional village in het Bajawa area. There are still relatively undiscovered gems and the traditional villages are still worthwhile.

Here below a small list of villages:

  • Ende: Waturaka, Woloara, Wologai, Waturaka, Wolotopo
  • Nagekeo: Tutubhada, Wajo
  • Ngada: Bela, Bena, Gurusina, Luba, Maghilewa, Tololela, Wogo
  • Manggarai: Pu'u Ruteng, Todo, Wae Rebo
  • Manggarai Barat: Toda


What are the costs for entrance fee for National Parks?

Published on website https://www.travel2flores.info/planning/practical-flores/



  • Where are the best spots for diving and snorkling?

Komodo NP

Maumere and beyond (islands north east of Maumere)
Riung Marinepark 17 islands

It is hard to find a non commercial website about diving but this is one of them. https://www.starfish.ch/dive/Flores.html


  • Are there surfing places on Flores?

Well, yes and no. There are no surfing places in the meaning of exploited like on Bali, Sumba, Sumbawa or Rote. But there are some stretches on the south coast of Flores near Pruda and south from Hewa (both in the east) where are waves high enough. And maybe some more spots which are not discovered yet.