The regencies (kabupaten) of Manggarai and Manggarai Barat


See & do western part of Flores


  1. Market in Ruteng
  2. Cathedral in Ruteng
  3. Ruteng Pu'u, a traditional Manggarai village in town
  4. Golo Curu near Ruteng
  5. Liang Bua, site of homo floriensis 45 minutes drive from town
  6. Tangkulese waterfall
  7. Road Ruteng Reo vv for views
  8. Reo river
  9. Countryside east, west and south from Ruteng; just pick a road and be surprised, views, forest, ricefields, villages
  10. Road Ruteng-Iteng vv; take the road between the two huge mountains and continue through dense forest (national park) and ricefields all the way to Iteng (this is also an alternative road for reaching Wae Rebo)
  11. Beaches near Robek, pantai Ketebe, west from Reo
  12. Cancar, spiderweb ricefields
  13. Todo, traditional village
  14. Wae Rebo, the icon of the traditional villages/partly trekking, beautiful but very touristy in high season
  15. Nangalili Beach, 45 minutes off road near Lembor
  16. Toda, traditional village
  17. Cunca Rami, waterfall
  18. Sanggoang lake, a 500 meter deep craterlake
  19. Cunca Wulang, waterfall and canyon incl minitrekking
  20. Komodo National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991
  21. Pulau Rinca  for komodo dragons
  22. Pulau Padar with the magnificent view
  23. Pulau Komodo for komodo dragons
  24. Pink Beach (there are more opink beaches in Komodo NP)
  25. Diving spots
  26. Manta Point
  27. The many islands west and north of Labuan Bajo
  28. Batu Cermin cave, 10 minutes from Labuan Bajo
  29. Rangko Cave, north of Labuan Bajo
  30. Sunset at Paradise Bar or Pede Beach
  31. Warloka, ancient site best reached by boat from Labuan Bajo or via a bad road with fwd only
  32. Tobedo and Kaca (petrified wood)
  33. Mount Mbeliling (trekking, bird watching)